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Integrated with examples of diversity and filled with real-world applications, this engaging text offers the most updated aging and older adulthood erber and theoretical underpinnings related to our understanding of the human aging process.

It then offers a series of chapters exploring biological aging, sensation perception and attention, memory, intellectual functioning, cognition and real-world problem-solving, personality and coping, social interaction and social ties, lifestyles and retirement, mental health and psychotherapy, and death and bereavement.

The final chapter looks at aging in the future.

Psychology Of Ageing Back cover copy "This text provides a dynamic historical narrative of aging research and theory, along with very insightful contemporary case studies that enrich the reader's understanding of the fi eld of gerontology and individual processes of aging.

It is recognized that as we age, health issues become more intertwined with personal realities, and Dr Erber provides a nuanced discussion of various changes in health and life concerns that is both informative and optimistic with regard to illness prevention and positive health outcomes VonDras, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay As improvements in the provision of healthcare result in an aging and older adulthood erber population in many countries around the world, we must broaden and deepen our understanding of the numerous issues relating to this growing demographic.

The book explains how research studies attempt to answer questions of both theoretical and practical importance as aging and older adulthood erber relate to aging and older adulthood, and it explains the hypotheses and findings of the studies in a manner that is comprehensible to readers of all levels of research experience.

Aging and Older Adulthood begins by describing the demographic characteristics of the older population, and follows with a chapter on theoretical models that apply to the study of adult development and aging, as well as approaches commonly taken to conduct research and ethical concerns involved in the study of this group.

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