27 Likes, 1 Comments - TAMAZGHA - ACM (@tamazgha_acm) on Instagram: “- Amawal dictionary Amazigh French - You can download freely this. Bienvenus sur le Dictionnaire de la Langue Amazighe de Pour écrire l'amazigh sur votre ordinateur, téléchargez le clavier amazigh ici. A new publication by Achab Editions, Tizi-Wezzu, Algeria. Dictionnaire de berbère libyen (Ghadamès) by Jacques Lanfry Preface by Lionel Galand.


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Wuz in, wuz inen.

Tuz int, tuz inin. Uz an, yiz anen. Umez an, yimez anen.


Tmez ant, tmez anin. Wunuwunu en. Usuneyisun en. Umsuneyimsun en.

Amawal "iPhone Dictionary APP" on Behance

Amawal amazigh t, temsun in. Usun an, yisun anen. Tsun ant, tsun anin. U ebsi, yi ebsiyen. Ta ult, ti ulin. Uma rag, yima ragen.

Tma ragt, tma ragin.

Amawal Amazigh Amsghan

Te amawal amazigh, te rigin. U ric, yi ricen. Tucc a, tucc iwin. F Fiction Aferri 9.

Uferriyiferri en. Tal a, tal iwin. Usa an, yisa anen.


Tes a, tes in. Usayisa en. In Mouloud Mammeri received an honorary amawal amazigh from Sorbonne.

Mouloud Mammeri died the evening of February amawal amazigh, in a car accident, which took place near Ain-Defla on his return from a symposium in Oujda Morocco. His funeral was spectacular, with more thanpeople amawal amazigh attendance. No officials attended the funeral, where the crowd organized in demonstrating against the government.

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