CULTURE OF ANIMAL CELLS A MANUAL OF BASIC TECHNIQUE AND Advantages Physicochemical environment Contro Culture of animal. Culture of Animal Cells: A Manual of Basic Technique and Specialized Applications. Front Cover · R. Ian Freshney. John Wiley & Sons, Feb 2. The pre figure is derived from the bibliography of Fischer []. Culture of Animal Cells: A Manual of Basic Technique, Fifth Edition, by R. Ian Freshney.


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A Manual of Basic Technique and Specialized Applications, Seventh Edition is the updated version of this benchmark text, addressing these recent developments in the field as well as the basic skills and protocols.

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These animal cell culture freshney other developments have been incorporated into this fully revised and expanded Fifth Edition of Culture animal cell culture freshney Animal Cells. The development of cell culture owed much to the needs of two major branches of medical research: The standardization of conditions and cell lines for the production and assay of viruses undoubtedly provided much impetus to the development of modern tissue culture technology, particularly the production of large numbers of cells suitable for biochemical analysis.

This and other technical improvements made possible by the commercial supply of reliable media and sera and by the greater control of contamination with antibiotics and clean-air animal cell culture freshney have made tissue culture accessible to a wide range of interests.

An additional force of increasing weight from public opinion has been the expression of concern by many animalrights groups over the unnecessary use of experimental animals. Although most accept the idea that some requirement for animals will continue for preclinical trials of new pharmaceuticals, there is widespread concern that extensive use of animal cell culture freshney for cosmetics development and similar activities may not be morally justifiable.

Hence, there is an ever-increasing lobby for more in vitro assays, the adoption of which, however, still requires their proper validation and general acceptance.

Although this seemed a distant prospect some years ago, the introduction of more sensitive and more readily performed in vitro assays, together with a very real prospect of assaying for inflammation in vitro, has promoted an unprecedented expansion in in vitro testing see Section In addition to cancer research and virology, other areas of research have come to depend heavily on tissue culture techniques.

The introduction of cell fusion techniques see Section Infection, cytotoxicity, mutagenesis, carcinogenesis, irritation, inflammation Fig. DNA transfer itself has spawned many techniques for the transfer of DNA into cultured cells, including calcium phosphate coprecipitation, lipofection, electroporation, and retroviral infection see Section In particular, human genetics has progressed under the stimulus of the Human Genome Project animal cell culture freshney, ], and the data generated therefrom have recently made feasible the introduction of multigene animal cell culture freshney expression analysis [Iyer et al.


Tissue culture has contributed greatly, via the monoclonal antibody technique, to the study of immunology, already dependent on cell culture for assay techniques and the production of hematopoietic cell lines.

This field has supplied much basic information on the control of gene transcription, and a vast new technology and a multibillion-dollar industry have grown out of the ability to insert exploitable genes into prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

Cell products such as human growth hormone, insulin, and interferon are now produced routinely by transfected cells, animal cell culture freshney the absence of posttranscriptional modifications, such as glycosylation, in bacteria suggests that mammalian cells may provide more suitable animal cell culture freshney [Grampp et al.


Other animal cell culture freshney of major interest include the study of cell interactions and intracellular control mechanisms in cell differentiation and development [Jessell and Melton, ; Ohmichi et al. Progress in neurological research has not had the benefit, however, of working with propagated cell lines from normal brain or nervous tissue, as the propagation of neurons in vitro has not been possible, until now, without resorting to the use of transformed cells see Section Some specialized protocols will be retained in the printed animal cell culture freshney but others will be presented in electronic form only, depending on the anticipated readership.

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A number of minireviews, some by the author external review and some by invited authors will be added to give an overview of the applications of cell culture. New approaches and procedures have become available and new issues have arisen which require animal cell culture freshney of the book to be updated.

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The increasing diversity of the applications of cell culture also need a revision of how certain topics are presented. A wide range of essential information from basic to specialized procedures animal cell culture freshney presented, highlighting advantages and limitations, and illustrating the properties of different types of culture.

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