These top 10 life drawing tips are designed to help you draw what you see (the figure) quickly The goal is a finished, interesting drawing of the human figure. If you've practiced capturing energy in the previous tutorial, you'll have Human Anatomy Fundamentals: Learning to See and Draw Energy as a drawing process, starting with a simplified skeleton (the basic figure or stick. Figure Drawing Fundamentals Course: More Art Courses: For more.


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The wrists are on mark 4, slightly below the hip joints which sit basic figure drawing techniques it you can test it out for yourself by standing up and pressing your wrists against your hips.

The fingers end roughly at mid-thigh, which is mark 5. The Basic Profile Start basic figure drawing techniques drawing the head again, the same egg shape but with the end pointing diagonally down, and drop a vertical line from the crown to the ground.

Human Anatomy Fundamentals: Basic Body Proportions

They are on the same level as before: The Spine in Profile From the side, the spine is revealed as being shaped like a flattened "S". From the base of the skull, it moves down and back till it reaches its furthest point at the level of the shoulders between the shoulder blades.

Note the shoulder joints are ahead of the spine! basic figure drawing techniques


This is because, again, the shoulder basic figure drawing techniques is in reality an arc: The spine then comes back forward, and peaks again inward a little above the pelvis the small of the back, which varies in depth and can make basic figure drawing techniques arched back.

Finally it changes direction again briefly and ends in the coccyx or tail bone. The Ribcage and Legs in Profile The ribcage is closely attached to the spine, and, in a reasonably fit body standing erect, the chest is naturally pushed forward.


The hip joint is ahead of our vertical basic figure drawing techniques, and this is counterbalanced by the ankle being a bit behind it. So our hip-knee-ankle line is slanted backward, and staggered again: The Arms in Profile Finally, the arms.

The upper arm falls fairly straight from the shoulder, so the elbow can be aligned with the latter or fall slightly backward.

Top 10 Life Drawing Tips | Ryan McJunkin

Sometimes it is easier to draw a box like the one above around the figure to help visualize. You may want to divide the box up further to help you place landmarks.

Basic figure drawing techniques of those drawings you may have done earlier in your career where you draw a grid over your subject and a corresponding grid on your paper.

These are accurate because they break the composition down in bite-size pieces. Quickly sketch in the entire figure. This will help your composition and proportions.

Get the whole thing sketched out in a few seconds.

Step by Step Figure Drawing Tutorial

Then do your drawing on top of it. Your accuracy with the sketch will improve over time. Use broad, light tones, by using the side of your Conte, or with your dirty with charcoal or Conte basic figure drawing techniques 4.

Keep your arm moving! If you are using Conte or charcoal you might want to add some broad lines or tones in and around the figure.


This will add some pop to your drawing. You can do this by taking a small piece of Conte and using the side. Remember, a slow, steady and confident hand is faster than indecisive chicken scratch. Practice good line economy.

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