There are 13 Illuminati bloodlines that control the world, and we are ready to expose them. With Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier, you'll get a unique and well-researched historical genealogy listing of who's-doing-what in rich detail that. Surprisingly, some embrace conspiracies that include the Illuminati or diminish bin Laden's 1) Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier.


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I do NOT go on talk shows. I am unknown and prefer it this way.

13 Bloodlines | Illuminati Families Controlling the Cabal

bloodlines illuminati I have absolutely no secondary gain from doing this, other than the medical bills for my children, which means I work three part-time jobs. This is to answer the skeptics who say that bloodlines illuminati disclose for: Guess which topic I write on more frequently?

Yep, women's health, on completely non-abuse issues. The editors of the nursing magazines and women's magazines don't know about the other topic I write on, another reason I write under a pen name.

Authors react to being on Bin Laden's reading list

I don't write for fame. Instead, if my co-workers knew about my past, I risk losing my job. I have everything to lose by disclosing, bloodlines illuminati to gain by being silent. But I also know that this kind of child bloodlines illuminati must be stopped.


As a Christian, and as one who stands against child abuse, I have decided to speak out against cult abuse by writing articles that expose it.

I also know that there are a number of people bloodlines illuminati on this topic who have published, and they could bloodlines illuminati be back-up information for you. Bloodlines illuminati don't know any of them, since I have no contact with other survivors other than my own family, but it is a possibility.

Anyway, to your questions: Svali, I think our readers are wondering 'Is the Illuminati a religion, secret society, Satanism or is it a combination of it, or something different all together, or more sinister?

Illuminati Bloodlines

The Illuminati is a group that practices a form of faith known as "enlightenment". They have taken what they consider the "best" of each, the foundational practices, and joined them together into a bloodlines illuminati occult discipline. Many groups at the local level worship ancient deities such as "El", "Baal", bloodlines illuminati "Ashtarte", as well as "Isis and Osiris" and "Set".


This said, the leadership councils at times scoff at the more "primitive" practices of the anarchical, or lower levels.

I remember when I was on council in San Diego, they called the high priests and priestesses the "slicers bloodlines illuminati dicers", who kept the "lower levels happy". This is not to offend anyone, it only shows that at the leadership levels, they often believe they are more scientifically and cognitively driven.

But they still practice the principles of enlightenment. There are 12 steps to this, also known as "the 12 steps of discipline". And they also bloodlines illuminati traveling astral planes, time travel, and other bloodlines illuminati phenomena. Do people really do this, or is it a drug induced hallucination?

Bloodlines of the Illuminati - Authors react to being on Bin Ladens reading list - CBS News

I saw things that I believe cannot be rationally explained when in this group, things that frightened me, but I can only say that it could be a combination of cult mind control, drug bloodlines illuminati, hypnosis, and some true demonic bloodlines illuminati.

How much of each, I cannot begin to guess.

I do know bloodlines illuminati these bloodlines illuminati teach and practice evil. At the higher levels, the group is no longer people in robes chanting in front of bonfires. Leadership councils have administrators who handle finances and trust me, this group makes money.

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