Paperback of the week: Boomsday by Christopher Buckley is a bleak and frightening vision of America that dosen't seem that unreal or. Boomsday has ratings and reviews. Becky said: starsA word of warning: I'm sick, hopped up on cold meds, and barely able to keep my eyes. Boomsday. Cover of Boomsday. Author: Christopher Buckley. Genre: Literary Fiction Format: Paperback ISBN: Rights: UK & Comm ex Canada.


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Title[ edit ] Boomsday is referred to in the book as the day that a majority of the Baby Boomers would begin retiringthrusting the United States into economic trouble boomsday christopher buckley the raising of taxes to compensate for Social Security.

I don't remember which came first - my buying this book, or my watching Thank You For Smoking.

Boomsday Analysis -

So I read this one, and It boomsday christopher buckley funny and smart and all of the things that I expected. But I think this is a case where I like the adaptation better than the text Cassandra calls it a 'meta-political device', intended only to stimulate debate.


But when one ambitious politician decides to take it up as a central tenet of his presidential campaign, she finds herself a reluctant but essential cog in his political machine as he goes up against a hard-liner from boomsday christopher buckley Society for the Protection of Every Ribonucleic Molecule.

They were the so-called Greatest Generation.

Our parents, the Baby Boomers, dodged the boomsday christopher buckley, snorted cocaine, made self-indulgence a virtue. I boomsday christopher buckley them the Ungreatest Generation. At age seventeen, Cassandra seemed to have it allbeauty, brains, and acceptance to Yale University.

Her father, Frank Cohane, left a comfortable systems engineering job to form his own dot-com Internet company.

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