Loops provide a way to repeat commands and control how many times they are repeated. C provides a number of looping way. The most basic loop in C is the while loop.A while statement is like a repeating if statement. Like an If statement, if the test condition is true: the statments get are the control structures in the C programming language? Control statements in C With Examples, sample outputs and list of sample programs here. List of C Tutorials for beginners. And, list of C programs. Our team has. Sometimes we want some part of our code to be executed more than once. We can either repeat the code in our program or use loops instead. It is obvious that if.


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When the expression becomes false, the loop terminates.

C - Loop control statements | Learn C Programming Online |

Experience shows that do-while is much less used than while and for. A do-whileloop is used to ensure that the c programming control statements within the loop are executed at least once. Break and Continue statement We used break statement in switch We can also use "break" statement inside loops to terminate a loop and exit it with a specific condition.

Like breakcommand continue changes flow of a program. It does not terminate the loop however.

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It just skips the rest of current iteration of the loop and returns to starting point of the loop. If neither of the conditions are true, either the last else-block is executed or if the else-block is absent, the control gets transferred to the next instruction present c programming control statements after the else-if ladder.

The following program makes use of the nested if-else statement to find the greatest of three numbers. The first if statement compares the values of a and b.

Control Statements In C - C Programming | Tutorials

After this the rest of the if-else ladder is bypassed. Note the nesting, the use of braces, and the indentation.

All this is required to maintain clarity. This expression or variable must be of integer data type. The case whose value is the same as that of the expression is selected and executed.

What are the control statements in C language? - Quora

The optional default label is used to specify the code segment to be executed when the value of the expression does not match with any of the case values. The break statement is present at the end of every case.


If it were not so, the execution would continue on into the code segment of the next case without even checking the case value. For example, supposing a switch c programming control statements has five cases and the value of the third case matches the value of expression.

C – Loop control statements

The switch statement is much like a nested if. Its mostly a matter of preference which you use, switch statement can be slightly more efficient and easier to read. If a condition is met in switch case then execution continues on into the next case clause also if it is not explicitly specified that the execution should exit the switch statement.

This is achieved by using break keyword. Try out given example Show C programming control statements What is default condition: The if statement c programming control statements easy.


Hence, You entered -2 is displayed on the screen. Output 2 Enter an integer:

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