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This is also the reason why the systolic pressure of the heart is greater than the diastolic. Veins bring deoxygenated blood back campbell biology 7th edition the heart from the rest of the body.

They have thinner walls than arteries do as they are not under such high pressure. Also, veins have one-way valves built in them to prevent backflow.

Campbell's Biology, 7th Edition

Thus, the correct option is i chordates. Comment 0 Step 2 of 9 8 Cnidarians are to eumatazoans and have radial symmetry.

The cnidarians have true tissues, medusa and campbell biology 7th edition body forms. Thus, the correct option is f cnidarians.

Comment 0 Step 3 of 9 9 Flatworms are the simplest of all bilaterally symmetrical animals. They are flattened from top to bottom like a piece of ribbon, and do not have any internal cavity other than the digestive tract. Thus, campbell biology 7th edition correct option is e flatworms.

Biology, 7th Edition

Comment 0 Step 4 of 9 campbell biology 7th edition Sponges are the simplest animals belong to the phylum Porifera the most primitive animal group.

Their bodies consist of masses of specialised cells embedded in a gel like matrix. Their body cavity is lined by unique flagelled cells called choanocytes, or collar cells. Thus, the correct option is c sponges.

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