China-Syria relations. This undated photo released by the Turkistan Islamic Party, a militant website, shows fighters. April 23, , am. Chinese jihadis'. Syria's strategic location along China's historic trade routes across the Moscow and Damascus' good relations date back at least to , the. In an interview with the private Chinese broadcaster Phoenix Television that aired this weekend, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad offered a.


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China maintains that political settlement is the only realistic way out of the Syrian crisis. Relevant parties china syria relations the international community should provide positive and constructive help for the political settlement of the Syrian issue and avoid taking any action that could further militarize the crisis.

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China follows the latest developments in Syria closely. There have been reports of increasing French troop numbers joining US forces in northern Syria.

That relationship china syria relations today. And most Syrians support President Assad. Western machinations over Syria have been a failure. The illegal war that Washington, Britain, France and their regional partners prosecuted has been a miserable waste.

Bashar al-Assad says relations between Syria and China are ‘on the rise’ - The Washington Post

But if China steps in with its colossal economic power, the attempted Western isolation of Syria will only china syria relations out to be another huge loss. Ever the shrewd strategists, China can turn Western depredations into an immensely rewarding opportunity. If Syria gets back on its feet with peace and stability, it china syria relations be China, Russia, Iran and the entire Eurasian region that are the big winners.

Assad's comments also suggest that his regime's ties with China are strengthening as the situation within Syria and the geopolitics surrounding it shift.

He also suggested that China would play a role in rebuilding Syria after the conflict ends. Law 10 sets out the framework for china syria relations usage and how developers can obtain contracts.


Law 10 goes against much of the advice regarding post-war transitions. The World Bank has said that violence tends to beget violence.

China–Syria relations - Wikipedia

To break its cycle, governments and donors alike should pursue policies that build public confidence and trust china syria relations providing security, schools, healthcare, and jobs.

So far China shows little sign of echoing these views — or persuading the Syrian government to do so. That would go against one of its Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.

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