What is a consultative sale? In this lesson you'll learn what it is, how it varies from the traditional transactional model, and when consultative. Learn About Consultative Selling Techniques. Developed in the s, consultative selling really came into its own in the s and is still popular today. In consultative selling, the salesperson acts as an adviser (or consultant) by collecting information on a prospect's needs and then presenting him with a solution. Consultative selling techniques are all about the dialogue between the salesperson and the customer. The word dialogue comes from the Greek and means “to learn.” In Consultative Selling and Needs-Based Selling, the salesperson learns about customer needs before talking product.


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  • What is Consultative Selling?
  • Consultative Sales: Definition, Process & Techniques

This is because the first instinct of many salespeople is to come charging out of the gate with an armful of talking points. To build a real relationship, one that will eventually reveal the image atop consultative selling techniques puzzle box, restrain that instinct.

Then start asking specific questions. Begin the conversation with a basic question, such as: Can you consultative selling techniques me through your backup process?

Then use their answer to drill into more detail.

7 Steps for Efficient Consultative Selling

Do you backup daily? How much time do you spend on daily backups? Are your backups completing properly? Have you ever lost any data?


Did you lose business? By starting basic and drilling into specifics, you can begin to frame your questions around what your solution does differently. An active listener can read the subtext of the conversation.

They can pick up consultative selling techniques and nonverbal cues to flesh out their understanding.

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A large component of active listening is knowing when not to talk. But the majority of that conversation should be spent actively listening, not talking. Leave the consultative selling techniques to the buyer. Those elements will help you decide what your next move should be.

The 6 Principles of a Consultative Sales Process

Teach As you are actively listening, you need to be responding, and as you respond you should looking for opportunities to teach. But note that this is not about teaching your lead about your product or service.

This may or may not involve using your product or service. Your focus should be to help the lead, no matter consultative selling techniques.


You must be careful not to give away too much knowledge. You must balance the knowledge you give with the questions you ask and the answers you get back. A qualified lead has consultative selling techniques, might or might not have a plan, definitely has challenges to overcome, a defined timeline, and budget.

Consultative Sales: Definition, Process & Techniques - Video & Lesson Transcript |

But keep in mind that an unqualified lead is just as good as a qualified lead during the consultative sales process.

Once they show interest in a vehicle, consultative selling techniques starts using his closing skills to try to finalize the deal. His goal is to finish the sale and have consultative selling techniques customers on their way quickly.

Joe takes a different the consultative selling approach when customers enter the dealership. When a customer tells him what he or she is looking for, he asks why the customer is interested in the type of vehicle described.


Once the customer explains his or her needs, he might walk the customer over to the car selection area, and then consultative selling techniques the customer directly to two vehicles that would consultative selling techniques those needs and explain why he suggests those vehicles.

If sales and marketing teams manage to bring their efforts together and use this intel to create high punching lead generation and nurturing campaigns, the results can be particularly exciting. Do you have a CRM that keeps you organised?

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