Contents. Page. 6. Criminal Code Act Compilation Act (WA)(CI). Offences at elections when voting is by post. False claims. The present law that governs criminal offences in Western Australia is the Criminal Code Act Compilation Act which is known as the Criminal Code. Jump to Western Australia - The Northern Territory has also an almost exhaustive codification of criminal Law in a similar Criminal Code to that of Queensland and Western Australia. The criminal law of the Northern Territory is the Criminal Code Act


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Criminal Code imposed punishment for offences governed by it to members of the community violating its provisions to set rules prescribed by the State prohibiting certain conducts. The seriousness of criminal code wa criminal offence is reflected in the maximum penalty imposed by the Code for the said offence.

In all criminal cases the onus of proof is on the prosecutor and the case must be proven 'beyond reasonable criminal code wa.

If you do not want to be prosecuted in court for the alleged offence, pay the Amount Due by the Due Date. If no payment is received by the Payment Due Date, criminal code wa Final Demand notice will be issued which will incur additional costs.

Controversially, the Criminal code wa now contains provisions which limit the power to release an offender when the offences are related to terrorism.

Commonly contested parts of the act include Part 4 and Part 5 which are in relation to police search powers, and Part 8 in relation to powers of arrest.

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While criminal offences are still sourced from the Crimes Act NSW[17] the Young Offender Act NSW [45] establishes a scheme which provides alternatives to the court criminal code wa for young offenders of certain offences. Children also have a separate court called the Children's Court which solely deals with young offender's matters.

Criminal Code Infringements | Western Australia Police Force

Queensland[ edit ] The Criminal Code Act Qld[52] is the primary instrument for the source of criminal law in Queensland. Griffith also took inspiration from the New York Penal Code The Criminal Code of Queensland has naturally been the subject of further legislative revision and also judicial interpretation and precedent.

A criminal code wa regarded reference for accurate annotated information on the criminal code wa of case law associated with the Queensland Criminal Code is Carter's Criminal Law of Queensland which is often used by legal scholars and practitioners more heavily than the Code itself.


One key feature of the Criminal Code is the formal absence of the common law element of mens rea. The Criminal Code provides expressly that a mental element of an offence will be expressly provided for criminal code wa the provision creating the offence.

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