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Internship and medical diagnostico psicologico Anxiety; Depression. To highlight the relevance and necessity of implementing a service to provide psychological support to physicians specializing in radiology and imaging diagnosis.

Diagnóstico psicológico by Ernesto Loyaga Bartra on Prezi

Qualitative research with application of a questionnaire to residents and trainees in radiology and imaging diagnosis, in the period between and The questionnaire included questions regarding their psychosocial profile, perception of the level of relationship with the service team, level of learning, psychological difficulties and evaluation of the prevalence of anxiety and depression symptoms according to the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale.

Most of them, It was observed that Among the respondents, The implementation of a service to provide psychological support to residents and trainees in radiology and imaging diagnosis should be done diagnostico psicologico psychologists specialized in hospital and clinical psychology, skilled to welcome and assist them to deal with difficulties in the training, as well as in their adaptation and integration, thus contributing to reduce stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Sometimes, such contradictions lead these professionals to develop anxiety and depressive reactions, impairing the study and learning, the development of genuine interest, relationships and the achievement of satisfaction with their profession.

An editorial published in by the journal Radiology mentioned the preoccupation with the effects of diagnostico psicologico on radiologists, highlighting the issue of excessive workloads and the potential impairment of their professional competence and relationship with peers 1.

According to Borus 2the medical residency is a determinant of several changes, both in professional personal life of the individuals.


They leave diagnostico psicologico families and affective relationships, their hometowns, their social lives and dive into an entirely new environment. Many of these individuals need to increase their incomes to face expenses, taking on duties at emergency services.

They diagnostico psicologico to learn to cope with the distance, illnesses of parents and relatives that sometimes are close and often are far away, the death of loved ones, the disengagement from family life, the uncertainties of the new social life and, of course, diagnostico psicologico new responsibilities.

With all such factors potentially interacting with the training, it is advisable that the preceptors develop competencies and abilities to deal diagnostico psicologico such situations 3.

According to the American Medical Association, medical residents constitute group at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders. Among such disorders, depression, anxiety and sleep deprivation are considered diagnostico psicologico stress triggering factors of 4.


Anxiety is an emotional state, a feeling of intense uncertainty, of diagnostico psicologico danger. Depression is a pathological state of sad and painful mood associated with reduction of both physical and psychological activity 5.

The literature 6 describes a high degree of emotional suffering among physicians and medicine students, expressed as high suicide rates 7high prevalence of depressive and anxiety disorders 8alcohol and drugs abuse 9besides very frequent professional dysfunctions 10such as diagnostico psicologico relationship with patients, apparent coolness or emotional distance from patients and denial of personal vulnerabilities The mental health of physicians is surrounded by myths and fears.

Daily activities and practice provide them with the necessary conditions to deal with diagnostico psicologico and failure. diagnostico psicologico

However, students should be made aware of such challenges which they will certainly face, and should be properly guided and motivated to seek for help to face them, and thus to develop their diagnostico psicologico maturity However, such fact generates more anguish, anxiety, stress and depression, as such individuals do not fell capable of achieving professional autonomy.

For Nogueira-Martins 15medical residents diagnostico psicologico stressful situations involving the fear of making mistakes and errors because of the fatigue, lack of time, excessive responsibility and lack of personal organization, in addition to the level of personal expectation with respect to their performance in medical residency.

The stress in medicine professional education reaches its apex at medical residency: Amongst the several centers providing psychological support to medical residents and health professionals, three should be mentioned for their pioneering work It is a service of psychological support for medical residents and fellows.

The objectives of this center include: It is also a service of diagnostico psicologico support for students.

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