"Dragons: A Natural History" is that survey a one-of-a-kind book, bringing these captivating creatures to life with lavish illustrations and vivid commentary. : Dragons: A Natural History by Karl P. N. Shuker and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available. Booktopia has Dragons, A Natural History by Dr Karl Shuker. Buy a discounted Hardcover of Dragons online from Australia's leading online bookstore.


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From basilisk to cockatrice ; Terror of the tarasque ; The peluda ; Hercules and the Lernaean hydra ; The salamander and the pyrallis ; Long-necks and sea lizards -- Dragons of the future The first book on the most fascinating mythical creatures of all, Dragons provides a splendid, illustrated panorama of these beasts in legend, history, and art.

More than spectacular illustrations show more than 30 dragons and are enhanced by a captivating commentary about their dragons a natural history, appearance, feats, and fates Bookplateleaf Karl Shuker, one of the world's leading experts dragons a natural history dracontology, shares his wealth of knowledge on: These magnificent beasts have been found in an astounding number of places.

Dragons and their near relatives have found niches in every ecosystem on the planet -- from the mountains of Greece to the forests of northern Europe to the volcanic plain of Mesoamerica to the river valleys of China -- and have, as a consequence, become deeply embedded in human culture.

If Shuker carries on at this rate The text is excellent, Shuker at his best [and] the colour illustrations are the perfect support, scores of them. An exciting book which truly does explore the dragons a natural history history of creatures, extinct now perhaps, but brought to life by this book which I believe you will read over and over.

The production values of this book are amazing, with colorful reproductions of artworks - dragons a natural history the past to the present day - that depict dragons and their kin.

Dr. Karl P.N. Shuker: Books: Dragons - A Natural History

Even if Shuker had not here retold the original versions of the famous legends, the illustrations would, by themselves, be worth the price of this book. But since he does so, the volume is invaluable Dragons a natural history conceivable type of dragon is covered The full colour pictures throughout complement Shuker's nicely-crafted text which manages to convey a huge amount of obscure detail without being patronising or tedious.


What a pleasure to see a well-written book for the general reader by an authority who clearly delights in his subject. Well done author and publisher!

In fact, there is a number of illustrations I haven't seen before. A revelation to an old dragon hunter dragons a natural history myself A Natural History is set to become a classic tome in the chronicles of dragonlore.

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