Teacher education in Finland is a highly competitive field of masters' degree university Keywords: teacher training, competencies, educational system, initial teacher El currículo en la formación del profesorado de educación secundaria. Internacionales de la Junta Nacional de Educación de Finlandia; a las y los colegas .. LEY Nº EDUCACIÓN INICIAL, EDUCACIÓN PRIMARIA Y TRES. Jaime, con profesores que dedican sus vidas a la educación de . of refugees in host countries beyond the initial humanitarian response of.


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Sistema educativo de Finlandia - Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

Any children temporarily absent from school can resume their studies without having to drop out. The learning environment expands beyond the classroom. EN schools have a vegetable patch and a garden; sports grounds educacion initial en finlandia community facilities form part of the wider school environment.

Inside the school, there is space for the study corners, library, kitchen, dining-room and washroom facilities.

Teachers often have living facilities for them and their families on the school premises. The natural environment is the educacion initial en finlandia object of study and provides most of the resources for teaching and learning.

These roles imply major attitudinal changes.

Therefore, attitude changes - pedagogical and social - are given emphasis in teacher training. After the first and second workshops, there is a six-month and a three-month interval, respectively, so that teachers put in practice what they learned.

Attending the first workshop is a requisite for including the school in the EN program and for teachers to start educacion initial en finlandia with it. The idea is to reproduce in teacher training educacion initial en finlandia methods and real-life situations that the teachers will encounter in their classrooms and in their relations with the students.

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In-service training takes place through so-called Rural Micro-Centers, where teachers can exchange, update and upgrade their knowledge and experience on an ongoing basis.

They operate with groups of 10 to 15 teachers from neighboring areas.


It is a crucial and complex area, involving political and institutional factors that go beyond administrative issues. Administration "has more to do with giving direction educacion initial en finlandia with controlling" Ministry of Education-UNICEF,which means that administrative officials, too, must familiarize themselves with the program's objectives and components, and especially with its pedagogical aspects.

EN is a decentralized program.

TFG del Grado en Educación Infantil

A coordinator and a small team ten educacion initial en finlandia inmost of them involved with EN in leadership positions since its inception are responsible for co-ordinating and designing policies and strategies, and evaluating implementation. At the departmental level, the structure comprises a representative committee, a coordinator and a team of multiplier agents.


From onwards - when the Plan for the Educacion initial en finlandia of Rural Primary Education was launched and the EN expansion process began - several changes were introduced in the administrative structure with emphasis on decentralization.

Two new structures were created: The school-community relationship is one of mutual benefit, with parents and the community joining in school activities, and the educacion initial en finlandia promoting activities to foster local development and improve the quality of life of the population.


In order to facilitate teachers' understanding of the community and the local conditions, EN uses various tools: Students, parents and the community participate in their elaboration. EN tries various ways of involving parents in their educacion initial en finlandia activities and stimulating children's interest in learning more about their parents and their lives.

The library, the school premises and cultural and recreational activities are open to the community. Achievement Days - days when academic results are announced and the school government reports on its activities - are opportunities for sharing school and community activities. Demonstration Schools, organized in each department where the program operates, are schools in which the four components can educacion initial en finlandia "seen" operating in exemplary conditions.

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