Download,Java, DotNet projects, Unlimited Free Downloads, documentation, The e-Post Office is the shopping portal of the world renowned postal service on the Ø This system doesn't provide all country products, items information like. The e-Post Office is the shopping portal of the world renowned postal service on the internet Users of the system: Customer is the user of the system. A document detailing the same should be written and a presentation on that be made. E post office system. 1. E-POST OFFICE SYSTEM; 2. AGENDA• Introduction• About Organization• Vision of E-Post Office• Our Mission• System.


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Choose from a variety of Practical self-adhesive stamp booklets to send letters and documents within Canada, to the USA and around the world.

Simplify your shipping with convenient epost office system documentation envelopes. Buy them now, mail later. This will be one of the interesting applications that epost office system documentation can work on and implement in real time world.

Most of the clerical work is reduced since it is done through this automated application.

E Post Office | Project Topics,Report,PDF,DOC

The transaction details can be directly viewed by the customers epost office system documentation this application with great ease. Customers will be able to see the updated balance in their account.

The post office management can add the bill details with great ease through this application. The customers can track the status of the registered letters through this application.


Customer is the user of the system. An administrator of the website is the super user.

When the user types in the URL of the website, a Welcome page is shown which has a menu on the left hand side, a banner at the top and any related links to other sites. This site contains an online catalog epost office system documentation the user.

User has to login to Welcome Page before ordering anything.

E Post Office

Login functionality should check the authenticity of the user from the database. You have to develop this web sitewhich captures the above functionality. It is an internet application.

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If possible, provide the image of each of the stamp types. On selecting any epost office system documentation of the Stamp type, user is shown the columns for the quantity to be entered.

After entering the quantity, price is automatically set by the system based on the product epost office system documentation data. On adding to catalog, kindly check the inventory and take appropriate action. Provide an image for each type of letter.


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