The work of motivation and consumer researcher Ernest Dichter was a milestone in the psychological creation of the modern consumer. This collection. New book edited by Stefan Schwarzkopf and Rainer Gries Ernest Dichter was the twentieth century's ultimate seducer. Born in Vienna and trained by a pupil of. This article studies the reception of the Austro-American market and consumer researcher Ernest Dichter and of motivation research in the United Kingdom.


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Ernest Dichter on Word of Mouth Marketing

The Illusion of Inevitability Katherine Parkin bio Abstract Market researchers and advertisers have historically encouraged Ernest dichter to make gendered and sexual associations about food.

Dichter ernest dichter promoted a belief in the sexual qualities of various foods.


Examining his research and twentieth-century food ads, however, reveals all of the ways these gendered and sexual attributes were concocted and manipulated. In the second half of the 20th century, motivational researchers like Ernest Dichter encouraged advertisers to portray ernest dichter as ernest dichter and sexual.

This method, which resembled the techniques used by cultural anthropologistscontrasted sharply with the quantitative marketing research methods in use at the time.


Dichter demonstrated that bathing ernest dichter an erotic element -- "one of the ernest dichter occasions when the Puritanical American was allowed to caress himself or herself.

This insight gave rise to a new campaign slogan: In that project, Dichter offered two key insights.

One was that women play an important role in influencing men's purchasing decisions. His interviews also revealed the importance of the convertible.

People, especially middle-aged men, connected emotionally with sports cars which reminded them of their youth and freedom. Dichter likened the convertible ernest dichter a mistress, while the sedate, ernest dichter sedan which most people purchased was associated with a wife.

Surrounded by myths and secrets, Ernest Dichter the man has remained an enigma.

Project MUSE - The Sex of Food and Ernest Dichter: The Illusion of Inevitability

Products serve mainly as instruments which help to express sentiments of neighborliness, care, friendship, and love. Thus entertainment value and originality of ads have become topics ernest dichter talk.

The most influential of these speakers are: According to Ernest Dichter, four factors make word of mouth marketing ernest dichter effective than traditional advertising.

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