When the construction site has been prepared, the fish pond and its water .. When earth is disturbed, for example when it is excavated in preparation for using. When the construction site has been prepared, the fish pond and its water .. When earth is disturbed, for example when it is excavated in preparation for using. I call it pond excavation, and as a professional pond excavator that seems to but not anybody can properly excavate a pond or water garden.


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In addition to permeability tests, the core sample holes may be used to excavated pond the existing level of the water table from the shallow aquifer.

excavated pond The depth to the water table generally varies throughout the year. Therefore, several observations may be necessary to help with design. The performance of other nearby ponds may provide useful information with excavated pond to the suitability of the proposed site and for design purposes.

Larger ponds should be equipped with some drainage facilities. A drain pipe is necessary to facilitate maintenance and fish management.


On flat topography a pump may be necessary to excavated pond the pond. Proper construction practices should be followed to ensure safety and to reduce potential problems.

After the pond site has been selected, an area excavated pond areas for spoil placement excavated material excavated pond be located. Stake the boundaries of the pond and spoil placement locations with the depth of cut from the ground surface to the pond sides or bottom clearly marked on the stakes.


Excavated pond woody vegetation should be cleared from these areas. The type of excavating equipment for construction will depend on availability, climate, and physical conditions at the site.


During dry periods most types of equipment can be used. The most common are tractor-pulled wheeled excavated pond, draglines, and bulldozers.

Inefficiency in transporting material limits the use of a bulldozer for excavation to relatively small ponds. Dragline excavators are commonly used excavated pond pond construction in the high natural water table areas of Florida.

This is the only excavated pond of equipment that will operate under saturated soil conditions. It is desirable to keep topsoil separated from subsoil materials during excavation.

  • 6. Fish Pond Construction
  • Richland Soil and Water
  • 6.0 Introduction

Place topsoil material in a location where it can be accessed after excavation has been excavated pond. After excavation, this material should be placed on the surface of the side slopes, berms, spoil banks and spillways.

Dugout or Excavated Ponds

These areas should be seeded excavated pond plugged with a grass or other cover material for erosion control. The grass or cover material should require minimal maintenance, be tolerant to local drought or wet conditions, and be relatively easy to establish.

Farm Pond Safety The farm pond has been excavated pond important economic unit in many farming programs. Ponds are used as part of a soil and water conservation excavated pond to water livestock, as an irrigation water source, and for fire protection and recreation, such as fishing, boating, swimming and ice skating.

Unfortunately, farm ponds contribute to accidental drownings.


Children are the victims of the majority of farm pond excavated pond. Small children get too close to the water and lose their balance on the soft bank.

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