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The second type of e-books, which is our focus of discussion in this paper, is more advanced than the first type as it contains the above mentioned features as well as other interactional functions. Users can activate the animation to enjoy a fun experience of reading.

ESL Kids,Worksheets for teachers

By clicking on the character or an object on the screen, children can hear a conversation, and they can complete the free spoken english pdf ebook ds by role play, or communicate with the characters in e-books. This virtually simulative technology not only endows learning with edutainment, but also helps promote language skills and comprehension.

The authors concluded that e-books with multimedia features video, sounds, and music have a potential to support language literacy.

This does not mean that students engage in the games only for fun, these games have educational value. The questions will become more difficult when the level of learning increases.

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  • Free eBooks - Altair University
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  • Printable EFL/ESL Kids Worksheets: All Free!!

Children are expected to answer the questions before further reading. If they can provide a correct answer, they will get rewards. Students would like to learn when their motivation and curiosity about something is lightened.

Printable EFL/ESL Kids Worksheets: All Free!!

Many recent research articles postulate education and gaming can be joined to provide academic benefits Paraskeva, This function is something that written text does not possess. The fact is, we must bear in mind that the way young children learn is different from students of any other free spoken english pdf ebook ds they are inspired by fun learning.

In other words, it means using audiovisual materials to make learning in the form of a story or playing games. Edutainment is a combination of education with entertainment, aiming to make learning more funny and enjoyable by integrating entertainment into the process of learning.

Learn Thai for FREE! – A Woman Learning Thai…and some men too ;)

Tales from Thai Childhood no longer online Thai and English versions. Includes lullabies and sound songs from Thailand.


There is background music but you can opt to turn it off it is difficult to hear the songs over the music. Languages on the Web Daisy Stories: Phonetics and Phonology; 4.

Lexicography, Lexicology and Lexical Semantics; 8. Dialectology and Sociolinguistics; New Englishes and Creolistics; Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis; free spoken english pdf ebook ds General The number of publications in cognitive linguistics has reached the point that keeping up with them all is no longer a realistic objective.

The volume brings together twelve articles not all easily accessible published by Langacker himself between and All have been adapted to make this a cohesive work, the revisions ranging from slight adjustments to almost complete rewriting.

The result is a free spoken english pdf ebook ds which is meant to be readable as an integral whole, though at the same time each individual chapter can be read and understood as a self-contained entity.

The first three chapters are introductory, providing a basic description of the framework, discussion of its methodology, and illustrations of its application to some 2ENGLISH LANGUAGE representative descriptive problems, like the meaning and uses of the preposition of.

Spoken English Books

The next two chapters are extensive treatments of theoretical issues like the nature and implications of a usage-based approach, and the status and characterization of constituency. The six chapters that follow offer detailed descriptions of particular grammatical phenomena, among them the parallelism between perception and conception, generic and habitual expressions, pronominal anaphora, grammaticization and raising constructions.

With Akio Free spoken english pdf ebook ds and Ken-ichi Takami, eds.

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