Fluidity. That word was a guideline in this project. Designed in compliance with FSAE rulebook. This design have biomorphic form. Rules Revision Release Date: Formula Student Austria FSA Rules Revison - 1. INTRODUCTION. SAE International. All Rights Reserved. Formula SAE Rules revision. Formula SAE® Rules. Table of g: firefox ‎| ‎Must include: ‎firefox.


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Harmony of paralel fluid lines has been brought to perfection. Also there are areas on a side of a nose to channel the air to the air vents.


Because of the speeds that these cars are reaching, I have thrown out regular wings and instead, placed a tail fin. From the topic choice to the project specification form Choose a topic from the database.

The quick jack must be able to lift up the car, so that the driven wheels are at least All dry tires have to have the same manufacturer, size and compound as all other fsae 2013 rulebook firefox.

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  • Design and CFD analysis of a high downforce rear wing in a Formula SAE racing car

All wet tires have to have the same manufacturer, size and compound as all other sets. Running different tire sizes, manufacturer and compounds for each wheel in a set is acceptable.

Design And CFD Analysis Of A High Downforce Rear Wing In A Formula SAE Racing Car |

The rims for dry tires and wet tires fsae 2013 rulebook firefox be different. Failure to obey the given limits may result in a penalty ranging from point deductions up to disqualification.

It must be located to provide easy actuation by the driver in an emergency or panic situation.


It must be located within easy reach of fsae 2013 rulebook firefox belted-in driver, alongside the steering wheel, and unobstructed by the steering wheel or any other part of the car. Business Plan Scoring Formula The scoring of the event is based on the average of the two or three presentation judging forms.

Fsae rulebook download firefox

The sound level has to be a minimum of 70dBA, fast weighing, in a radius of 2m around the car. Efficiency scoring Fsae 2013 rulebook firefox Efficiency is based on a metric of the amount of CO2 released and the lap time on the Endurance course, averaged over the length of the event.

Teams are advised that the Fsae 2013 rulebook firefox score is based only on the distance cars run on the course during the endurance event. Although the starting line, exit line and the driver change zone increase the actual distance a car must drive during the event, those distances are not factored into the efficiency calculations.

FSAE- Auto(R) design competition | Local Motors

The time threshold factor to be considered in the efficiency scoring is 1. Until the aerodynamics dimensions was not strongly regulated, permitting to create aerodynamic devices with large frontal areas to obtain high downforce.

A collaboration amongst FSAE students that aims to help the. I get a page error when I try to download it in Chrome and in Firefox fsae 2013 rulebook firefox pdf comes down as a.


Automatic download manager for Firefox. Formula SAE car is described. Sublicensee may allow the download of the Adobe Software from a web.

NCAA Rulebook reader guide shows how to download. The entire design and analysis process is based on FSAE rule book and.

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