General KnowledgeHand Notes & PDF Download · By AC Team 1 Last updated Sep 15, We collected some important list of Agriculture Productions, Revolutions, Research Centres and Abbreviations and Banking Awareness Section. Agriculture General awareness questions on current affairs. 51) India has agreed to intensify agricultural cooperation with which nation on 5th October ? a. 8) Field trials of GM Mustard are complete. If approved, it will become the ____ genetically modified food crop to be grown commercially in the.


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This is done through education, mentorship, and financing.

Startups enter accelerators for a fixed-period of time, and as part of a cohort. Four distinct factors that make accelerators unique are fixed term, cohort based, mentorship driven and they culminate into demo day.

Applications will be evaluated by mentors from industry, business and partner organizations, based on the average scores top 40 startups will be shortlisted and allowed to pitch in front of panel of evaluators during cohort finalization general awareness in agriculture on 9th and 10th of October at NAARM.

Out of these about 8 to 12 startups will be selected for final cohort for capacity building workshop. general awareness in agriculture

General Awareness: Indian Agriculture quiz

During this period, the startups will be trained in different aspects of technology commercialization, product validation, business plan general awareness in agriculture, risk analysis, customer engagement, finance management, fund raising etc. There will be a match making between startup-mentor.

National Dairy Development Board b. National Dairy Development Authority c.

Agriculture – General awareness questions on current affairs for ICAR JRF – Agriglance

National Dairy Development Scheme d. National Dairy Development Board Explanation: The Agriculture Minister also presented certificates to 14 selected manufacturing units for adopting food safety and quality management systems and adhering to Quality Mark parameters.

This will also contribute to building consumer confidence in dairy general awareness in agriculture brands.

It is aimed at bringing about process improvement in the entire value chain from producer to the consumers to ensure availability of quality milk and milk products. An eleven member Management Committee will oversee the activities of the Quality Mark.


Only dairy units that adopt food safety and quality management systems general awareness in agriculture milk and milk products and adhere to parameters given the guidelines of Quality Mark are eligible. The Agriculture Minister said that award of Quality Mark shall be valid for three years subject to maintenance of quality, food safety standards and compliance with the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Approval for award of Quality Mark shall be valid for three years, surveillance audit for checking compliance with the norms of general awareness in agriculture quality mark shall be held once every year. Following the roll out of the initiative in Januarythe NDDB has received 55 applications from the cooperatives across the country.


Existing unsustainable agricultural practices have resulted in depletion of water tables, biodiversity and habitat loss for wild species and general awareness in agriculture and soil degradation which have contributed to the environmental crisis in India. To overcome it, there is need for alternative paradigm to current extractive methods of agricultural production systems.

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Scientific research is need of time to focus on achieving greener landscapes along with efficient and effective resource use. Moreover, any effort to increase farmers income and food production must be within the framework of sustainable management of natural resources to avoid environmental degradation.

It general awareness in agriculture established on 16 October and its headquarters are in Rome, It has member states, along with European Union member organization.


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