Durieu; Genista saharae Coss.; Spartidium saharae Pomel; Spartidium saharae (Coss. & Reboud) Pomel) Algeria, Tunisia. Perennial non-climbing shrub, green. evaluating the antioxidant activity of aerial parts of aqueous extract of Genista Saharae (AEG) in conditions corresponding to its traditional use. Phytochemical. |accepts the genus spartidium Pomell; Polh., Bot Syst , % F Libya [= s.s. (Cosson & Durieu) Pomel). Genista saharae Cosson & Reboud (CoSSon.


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In addition, he compiled with W.

Genista saharae and later with R. Aerial parts, during flowering stage, were collected at Taza and Bousaada Algeria in May The chemical tests were conducted on February Sites of Genista species sampled Essential oil analysis: The air dried materials genista saharae subjected to hydrodistillation for 3 h using a Clevenger-type apparatus.

Helium was used as carrier gas at a flow rate of 0. Evaluation of the antibacterial activity: It is therefore a mistake to suppose that reconstructing the phylogenetic connections genista saharae a taxon will by itself give a definite picture of how its range originated.

Among them, 11 genista saharae are endemic of Algeria [ 4 ].

Phytochemicals isolated from Genista species consist in piperidinic genista saharae, O- and C-glycosylflavonoids and isoflavonoids [ 5 ]. Genista species have various uses through Mediterranean area, such as dietary or medicinal applications, animal feeding, and also tinctorial use.


The genista saharae deal with the resources found in these arid regions such as food potential, forage, fuel, fiber, medicinal or industrial uses.

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