A poor man had twelve children and was forced to work night and day to give them even bread. When therefore the thirteenth came into the world, he knew not. "Godfather Death" (German: Der Gevatter Tod) is one of the many German fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm as tale number 44, along with other tales. The goal of this project was to reinterpret a Grimm Fairy Tale, and create a series of illustrations that highlight key points in the story.


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This time, the man accepts.

Grimm Godfather Death

When the boy comes of age, the godfather visits and declares he is godfather death grimm to make his godson a famous physician. He shows him a magic herb and tells him that whenever he will visit a patient, he will see Death standing either at the head or the feet of the sick person: If Death stands at the head, the patient can be cured, but if he stands at the bed's foot end, death is certain.

Armed with this knowledge, godfather death grimm godson becomes both famous and wealthy for his medical arts. One day, the physician is called to cure the king. Death stands at the king's feet, but because the sick man is the king, the physician turns the bed around, so that Death godfather death grimm to stand at the head.

The trick works, and the king gets better.

Seeing as it worked one time, the physician gets the idea it might work another time. But how long can even Death's godson afford to cheat his godfather? Then he gave the King some of the herb, and godfather death grimm recovered and grew healthy again.


She was his only child, and he wept day and night, so that he began to lose the sight of his eyes, and he caused it to be made known that whosoever rescued her from death should be her husband and godfather death grimm the crown. He did not see that Death was casting angry glances on him, that he was raising his hand in the air, and godfather death grimm him with his withered fist.

He raised up the sick girl, and placed her head where her feet had lain. Can you guess who he ends up picking?

One day, the godfather appears to the young man and gives him his gift. He will make the young man a famous physician.

Thursday’s Tale: “Godfather Death” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

This story made me be more conscious about the decision that I make and what the consequences are. Because every decision that is made will have a consequence to it. This story is a prime example of the lengths that a parent will go to support their children.

But sometimes it can be the worst thing to do. As in the godfather death grimm the dads deal with Death meant that godfather death grimm son had to deal with death every day.

Godfather Death

However, when he approached the bed, Death was standing at the sick man's feet, and so no herb on earth would be able to help him. I will risk it.

Then he gave the king some of the herb, godfather death grimm he recovered and became healthy again. However, Death came to the physician, made a dark and angry face, threatened him with his finger, and said, "You have betrayed me.

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