Find out more about the Gone books by Michael Grant: Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague, Fear and Light. If you liked The Hunger Games, you'll love the Gone series. Gone is a bestselling book series written by Michael Grant. The series is centered on the fictional Southern Californian town of Perdido Beach, in which every  Genre‎: ‎Supernatural‎; ‎Superhero‎; ‎Horror‎; ‎Scien. Gone has ratings and reviews. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) said: I read this book out of curiosity, with no preconceived.


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Then it hits you that you didn't even say 'bye' to your mum,but you shrug it off; after all, gone michael grant going to see her at the end of the day — it's not a big deal.

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That's what you'd have thought, anyway. But in the town of San Perdido, things have strayed far gone michael grant 'regular' and 'normal. To the confusion and surprise of the children who remain, a giant forcefield of sorts now encircles the area of Perdido Beach, preventing anyone gone michael grant entering - or leaving.

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I admit I was blown away. Grant told me a story that I couldn't put down.


From the beginning, my mind was full of questions about how this happened, how the kids would survive, what could prevent the same thing from happening again Sam is the kind of boy you want to have around when the world goes crazy.

He's definitely the reluctant I read this book out of curiosity, with no preconceived notions. He's definitely the reluctant hero type, but usually they gone michael grant through for you like no other. Because they do what needs to be gone michael grant, simply because it needs to happen.

Gone by Michael Grant - review

Not for glory, not for recognition. Sam doesn't want to be 'the guy', but he knows that no one else is going to do it. And gone michael grant Caine and his posse come down from Coates Academy, taking over and making things mostly worse, someone has to step up to the plate to stop him.

This book is intense, violent, and sometimes sad. Some of these kids die. A lot of them get gone michael grant pretty bad. I'm not a mother yet, but I love kids, and I hate to see them suffering.

Gone Series

It was a bit painful to watch. Even harder was seeing the cruelty and potential for evil gone michael grant some of these children showed.

Drake, who is basically Caine's bully gone michael grant, is a psychopath. He loves hurting people, and he feels no remorse about doing it. Orc's gang ambush them and declare that they control Perdido Beach.

Eventually, they find Little Pete, who wakes up screaming in the night to telekinetically choke Sam. Edilio confronts Sam, who admits to having the ability to shoot burning light from his hands. Astrid confesses that Little Pete also has powers - but far gone michael grant than Sam's.

When they return to Perdido Beach, the Coates Academy kids arrive. Caine Soren and his lackeys including the silvertongued Diana Ladristhe sadistic Drake Merwin and the techmaster Computer Jack organize a meeting in the church.

gone michael grant

Gone (Gone, #1) by Michael Grant

They assign Sam, Quinn and Edilio the job of fireman and Orc the job of deputy sheriff. Caine uses his telekinesis to badly injure Cookie.

Dahra Baidoo offers to start a hospital, with Cookie as the first patient. Orc accidentally gone michael grant bleeding in the brain of a girl named Gone michael grant after she uses her power, and the truth about powers is out.

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