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The novel became an instant " nihilistic classic", and was mostly praised for the boldness of its ideas and thought-provoking qualities, although it was also houellebecq elementaire deeltjes criticized for its relentless bleakness as well as its vivid houellebecq elementaire deeltjes of racismpaedophiliatortureand also for being an apology of eugenism for instance Michiko Kakutani described it in The New York Times as "a deeply repugnant read" [10].

InHouellebecq published the short fiction Lanzarote published in France with a volume of his photographsin which he develops a number of the themes he would explore in later novels, including sex tourismfringe religions and cult leaders.

Elementaire deeltjes

His subsequent novel, Platformconfirmed him as a prominent writer. The novel's depiction of life and its explicit criticism of Islam the novel's romance ends with the vivid depiction of a terrorist attack on a sex tourism venue, which was later seen as prophetic of the Bali bombings which happened just a year latertogether with an interview its author gave to the magazine Lireled to accusations against Houellebecq by several organisations, including France's Human Rights Leaguethe Mecca -based World Islamic League as well as the mosques of Paris and Lyon.

Charges were brought to trial, but a panel of three judges, delivering their verdict to a packed Paris courtroom, acquitted the author of having provoked 'racial' hatred, ascribing Houellebecq's houellebecq elementaire deeltjes to the legitimate right of criticizing religions.

The huge controversy in the media subsided following the terrorist attacks of September 11th, He later adapted and directed the film based on his novel, but the movie was a critical and commercial failure. Houellebecq has also released three music CDs on which he recites a selection of his poetry.

A recurrent theme in Houellebecq's novels is the intrusion of houellebecq elementaire deeltjes economics into human relationships and sexuality. The original French title of Whatever Extension du domaine de la lutte, literally "broadening of the field of struggle" alludes to economic competition extending houellebecq elementaire deeltjes the search for relationships.

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As the book says, a free market has absolute winners and absolute losers, and the same applies to relationships in a society that does not value monogamy but rather exhorts people to seek the happiness that always eludes them through the path of sexual consumerism, in pursuit of narcissistic satisfaction.

Similarly, Platform carries to its logical conclusion the touristic phenomenon, where Westerners of both sexes go on houellebecq elementaire deeltjes trips to developing countries in search of exotic locations and climates.

In the houellebecq elementaire deeltjes, a similar popular demand arises for sex tourism, organized and sold in a corporate and professional fashion. Houellebecq elementaire deeltjes tourists are willing to sacrifice financially to experience the instinctual expression of sexuality, which has been better preserved in poor countries whose people are focused on the struggle for survival.


Although Houellebecq's work is often credited with building on conservative, if not reactionary houellebecq elementaire deeltjes, ideas, his critical depiction of the hippie movementNew Age ideology and the May generation, especially in Atomised, echoes the thesis of Marxist sociologist Michel Clouscard.

This is the tale of an accidental art star and is full of insights on the contemporary art scene. Slate magazine accused him of plagiarising some passages of this book houellebecq elementaire deeltjes French Wikipedia. The book describes a future situation in France when a Muslim party is ruling the country according to Islamic lawwhich again generated heated controversy and accusations of islamophobia.

Michel Houellebecq - Wikipedia

On the same date, a cartoon of Houellebecq appeared on the cover page of Charlie Hebdo with the caption "The Predictions of Wizard Houellebecq," eerily ironic in retrospect. A friend of his, Bernard Mariswas killed in that houellebecq elementaire deeltjes.

In an interview with Antoine de Caunes after the shooting, Houellebecq stated he was unwell and had cancelled the promotional tour for Submission. It's probably not an accident that, when Bruno does in the end meet a woman who truly loves him, she's called Christiane. Here's another example of how the graphic descriptions of sex are not houellebecq elementaire deeltjes gratuitous as they first appear.


Bruno has just spent a very happy week with Christiane, but must leave: Il promit de venir. In a Brigade Houellebecq elementaire deeltjes novel, this would just be pornographic.

Here, it comes across as a rather moving scene. I felt very sorry for poor Christiane; it was already clear that houellebecq elementaire deeltjes couldn't possibly work out well. The part of the novel I found least engaging was the thread that followed Michel, Bruno's half-brother.

Instead of experiencing life as one long torment of desire, Michel hardly feels desire at all. He becomes a biophysicist, and eventually finds a houellebecq elementaire deeltjes to create an immortal race of asexual beings, which duly replace humanity.

I wasn't very convinced by any of this, partly because Houellebecq seems to houellebecq elementaire deeltjes unaware that biologists have spent a lot of time wondering about why it is that sexual reproduction is a good idea. It's an interesting story, and deserves to be treated with more respect.

I don't think, however, that we need to discuss whether Michel's idea makes scientific sense; I don't believe Houellbecq is seriously saying that we should find a way to evolve away from sex, any more than Brecht in The Tutor is seriously suggesting autocastration as a solution.

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