November - India agrees to a Pakistani offer of a ceasefire along their borders in the disputed region of Kashmir. The ceasefire goes into. The BBC's Shaimaa Khalil travels to Kasmir's Line of Control - the de facto border between India and Pakistan, where tensions run high. Jump to Indian films - Border, a Hindi war film based on the Battle of Raazi, a Hindi film about an Indian spy during the Indo Pakistan war of  ‎Wars · ‎Other armed engagements · ‎Nuclear-arms race · ‎In popular culture.


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India and Pakistan's Kashmir dispute: What you need to know

India, Pakistan and China all claim partial or complete ownership of Kashmir. India also alleges Pakistan has ceded 3, square miles in Kashmir to China.

india pakistan border dispute The Line of Control divides the Indian- and Pakistani-controlled parts of Kashmir is miles km long. The tensions are at their worst in a decade India and Pakistan have fought three wars against each other since -- two over Kashmir in and Even after both countries became nuclear powers inthey came close to war once again in January - General Musharraf of Pakistan outlaws the three main Pakistani-based Islamic militant groups.

Indo-Pakistani wars and conflicts

October - Four rounds of polls to choose a new state administration conclude in Indian-controlled Kashmir. About people are killed during the election campaign.

November - India agrees to a Pakistani offer of india pakistan border dispute ceasefire along their borders in the disputed region of Kashmir. The ceasefire goes into effect November 26 and is the first ceasefire in 14 years.

It is their first direct contact in two years. June - India and Pakistan's foreign secretaries meet for talks, the first detailed discussions between the two countries in six years. The main topic of discussion is finding ways to implement a proposed anti-terror mechanism that india pakistan border dispute countries have agreed to set up.

Indo-Pakistani wars and conflicts - Wikipedia

March 13, - Top Pakistani and Indian diplomats meet in Islamabad. Topics include india pakistan border dispute conditions for hundreds of prisoners in each others' jails and relaxing visa restrictions.

March 28, - Human rights workers find nearly 1, unmarked graves near india pakistan border dispute Line of Control, the border that divides Pakistani- and Indian-controlled portions of Kashmir. Hundreds of protestors in Indian Kashmir clash with police on April 25, demanding an investigation into the graves.

October 21, - India and Pakistan open a trade route for the first time in six decades on the Line of Control in Kashmir.


Fruit, clothing and spices are among the items being transported. Summer - Violence erupts in Kashmir and kills more than people, the worst bloodshed in a decade.

January 14, - India's home secretary announces that India will cut a fourth of its india pakistan border dispute forces in Kashmir over the next 12 months.

Large numbers of Hindus and Sikhs from Rawalpindi and Sialkot started arriving in Marchbringing "harrowing stories of Muslim atrocities.

The Maharaja himself was implicated in some instances. india pakistan border dispute

Kashmir: Why India and Pakistan fight over it - BBC News

A large number of Muslims were killed. Huge number of Muslims have fled to West Pakistan, some of whom made their way to the western districts of Poonch and Mirpur, which were undergoing rebellion.

Many of these Muslims believed that the Maharaja ordered the killings in Jammu and instigated the Muslims in West Pakistan to join the uprising in Poonch and india pakistan border dispute in the formation of the Azad Kashmir government.


They took control india pakistan border dispute most of the western parts of the State by 22 October. Justice Mehr Chand Mahajanthe Maharaja's nominee for his next prime minister, visited Nehru and Patel in Delhi on 19 September, requesting essential supplies which had been blockaded by Pakistan since the beginning of September.

Kashmir conflict: India and Pakistan's bitter disupte - CNN

He communicated the Maharaja's willingness to accede to India. Nehru, however, demanded that the jailed political leader, Sheikh Abdullahbe released from prison and involved in the state government. Only then would he allow the state to accede. Maharaja's troops, heavily outnumbered and outgunned and facing internal rebellions from Muslim troops, had no chance of india pakistan border dispute the attack.

The Maharaja made an urgent plea to Delhi for military assistance.

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