Jesuit Relations aud Allied Documents. Travels and Explorations oj the Jesuit Mission- aries in New France. I The Original French, Latin, and Italian. The Jesuit relations and allied documents: travels and explorations of the Jesuit missionaries in New France, ; the original French. The Jesuit Relations. Natives and Missionaries in Seventeenth-Century North America. Edited with an Introduction by. Allan Greer. University of Toronto.


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Lower Canada, Ottawas, Canadian interior, -- v. Lower Jesuit relations, Ottawas, -- v. Lower Canada, Iroquois, -- v.


Lower Canada, Iroquois, Ottawas, v. Ottawas, Lower Canada, Iroquois, -- v. Lower Canada, Iroquois, Ottawas, -- v. Iroquois, Ottawas, Lower Canada, -- v. Hurons, Iroquois, Jesuit relations, -- v.

The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, Vol. 1: Acadia, by Thwaites - Free Ebook

Lower Canada, Illinois, Ottawas, -- v. Eight different missionaries signed the texts over the course of the published series, although the longtime mission superior and compiler of the Relations, Paul Le Jeuneoften overshadows the others in scholarship.

General Overviews Each of the jesuit relations modern editions of the Jesuit Relations— Campeau — and Thwaites — —contains a jesuit relations introduction to the series.

Donnelly offers a close examination of the history of the published series from the 17th- to the midth centuries and is especially useful as an introduction to the Thwaites edition. Both Wroth and Rigault and Ouellet analyze, in English and French respectively, a jesuit relations of key issues surrounding the Relations, such as the problem of authorship, the role of printers in Paris, the reception of the texts, and their jesuit relations scholarly value.

Pouliot places the series in the broader context of Jesuit mission reports and examines the circumstances of their publication.

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Dubois and Greer are brief and accessible summaries, useful for alerting students and scholars to the general characteristics of the texts and their religious and historical stakes.

Monumenta Historica Societatis Jesu, — Alexander Street Press does have a full set of the Jesuit Relations properly proofread for scholarly jesuit relations in their jesuit relations resource: Jesuit relations Encounters in North America: Peoples, Cultures and the Environment.

After he reviewed and edited it, he published the account in a series of duodecimo volumes, known collectively as The Jesuit Relations.

The Jesuit Relations: Index

It is believed that Louis de Buade de Frontenacwho disliked the Jesuit order, strongly influenced ending this publication. Certainly the Jesuits may have worked to convey optimism about their progress in converting the Native Americans, as it was very slow.

Jesuit Relations were publicized as field letters from the missionary priests, reports jesuit relations eyewitness, jesuit relations testimony.

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