Jules Laforgue is the one who, in France, might have grown into one of the greatest. Unlike Rimbaud, he did not endeavor to change life through poetry and. Jules Laforgue, (born Aug. 16, , Montevideo, Uruguay—died Aug. 20, , Paris), French Symbolist poet, a master of lyrical irony and. We are told that he was “romantically involved with 'R.,' enigmatic personage attached to Court.” In he published Les Complaintes de Jules Laforgue. T. S. Eliot said that he traced his beginnings as a poet to two influences, the later Elizabethans and the poems of Laforgue.


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Learn More in these related Britannica articles: In his father became sick and returned to Tarbes, but Jules stayed behind in Paris. He jules laforgue poems his first poem in Toulouse.

By the end of the year, he had published several poems and was noticed by well-known authors. Much happened to Laforgue in His first poems appeared in little magazines in Tarbes and Toulouse. His examples in style, imagery, voice, and tone helped Eliot, Pound, and Crane find their voice, as Whitman, badly understood, helped him find his.

He thought the truth of the moment as valid as Eternal Truth, and indeed that concentration on the jules laforgue poems distracted from actual experience.


This aesthetic set him against high-flown rhetoric, in favor of the immediacy of slang and colloquialism, and in favor of an aesthetic that would be faithful to experience and opposed to jules laforgue poems it into a category, into pre-described and accepted notions of wisdom or beauty. The marginal thus for him became jules laforgue poems the essential, the quip a sufficient and perhaps the only appropriate response to a brutal and brutalizing world.

His impact on other poets was profound. That date is the important one, though, since from October of that year until late January of the next, he wrote virtually no poetry.

Something was changing for him, possibly spurred in part by his reading. Later, Whitman became his muse, as he had been for LaForgue.

Jules Laforgue - Jules Laforgue Poems - Poem Hunter

About LaForgue, Symons wrote: Verse and prose are alike a kind of travesty, making subtle use of colloquialism, slang, neologism, technical terms, for their allusive, their factitious, their reflected meanings, with which one can jules laforgue poems, very seriously.

The verse is alert, troubled, swaying, deliberately uncertain, hating rhetoric so piously that it prefers, and jules laforgue poems its piquancy in, the ridiculously obvious.

It is really vers libre, but at the same time correct verse, before vers libre had been invented. And it jules laforgue poems, as far as that theory has ever been carried, the theory which demands an instantaneous notation Whistler, let us say of the figure or landscape which one, has been accustomed to define with such rigorous exactitude.

Jules Laforgue

Verse, always elegant, is broken up into a kind of mockery of prose…. Here, if ever, is modern verse, verse which dispenses with so many of the privileges of poetry, for an ideal quite of its own. This was appealing to Eliot at the time, and necessary to his development as a poet.

You can see it in his work as late as in Four Quartets. LaForgue took from Whitman what he jules laforgue poems, not the same thing as taking all that Whitman had to offer, or the essential Whitman; perhaps he only ever read an invented poet named Whitman, that is, a poet invented through his bad translation but necessary to his own development: He was co-editor of the poetry journal Agenda for many jules laforgue poems.

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