Kinesiology has 20 ratings and 1 review. Joseph Muscolino Highly visual and in full color, Kinesiology: The Skeletal System and Muscle Function makes it. Learn how to apply kinesiology concepts and treat dysfunction with Muscolino's Kinesiology: The Skeletal System and Muscle Function, 3rd Edition! With more. Dr. Joe Muscolino teaches workshops and seminars all around the world, from North He is the author of numerous publications on kinesiology, palpation.


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About this product Synopsis This complete, full-color atlas of bones and joints contains over illustrations and explains how kinesiology joseph muscolino function as movers, antagonists, and stabilizers so readers will truly understand how muscles function in the human body.


It includes the bones, landmarks, and joints, as well as an kinesiology joseph muscolino to the basics of how muscles function. The Skeletal System and Muscle Function also provides readers with clinical applications of key kinesiology concepts and important anatomical and physiological terminology that is needed for work in the musculoskeletal field.

This new edition also boasts an all-new chapter kinesiology joseph muscolino biomechanics, more than online video clips, and an interactive muscle program.

Coverage of strengthening exercises and stretching emphasizes the purposes and benefits of stretching and how to perform various stretching techniques.

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The most kinesiology joseph muscolino information on posture and the gait cycle features high-quality art. Comprehensive chapter on muscle action and attachments includes illustrations of all of the muscles of the human body organized by function.

Thorough coverage of joints in six chapters that provide information on structure, function, terminology, and kinesiology joseph muscolino illustrations on each joint in the human body: Includes an explanation of anatomical and physiological terminology that is needed for work in the musculoskeletal field.

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