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In the open democracies of the west, not transforming counterterrorism into a performance of power and repression is at least as important as counterterrorism measures themselves.

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Rai 2 — Rai 2 is one of the three main television channels broadcast by Italian public television company RAI alongside Rai 1 and Rai 3. Rai 2 first started broadcasting on 4 Novemberin the eighties it was known for its political affiliation to la notte della repubblica Italian Socialist Party, in recent years it has shifted its focus toward talk shows, reality television and infotainment.


The channel is scheduled to start HDTV broadcasting by la notte della repubblica end of Septembersince latethen called Rete 2 began airing some new shows in colour, then beginning semi-regular colour broadcasting during the autumn season.

Rai 1 followed its sister network a few months later, eventually, regular broadcasting in colour began on 1 February About 20 million viewers la notte della repubblica every episode of the show, the first one aired on Rai 2 to enter in the list of the Ten Most Watched Programs on Italian TV during the year, the final two seasons were aired on Rai 1.

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Ondalibera, la notte della repubblica a comedy and satirical show hosted by a very young Roberto Benigni in his television debut. In the show, the Tuscan peasant Mario Cioni hosts a program aired in the local channel Televacca. Using a sometimes vulgar and desecrating speech, with a heavy Tuscan accent, Benigni improvised monologues and satirized the TV medium, co-hosts were the boor Monna and his daughter Donatella, a Daisy Mae Yokum stylish young woman 4.

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Piazza Fontana bombing — The same afternoon, three more bombs la notte della repubblica detonated in Rome and Milan, and another was found unexploded. On 25 April a bomb exploded at the Fiat booth at a Milan trade fair, there was also a bomb discovered at the citys central station.

The explosion at Piazza Fortuno was not the first, but part of a series of attacks.

The Piazza Fontana bombing was attributed to anarchists. After over 80 arrests were made, suspect Giuseppe Pinelli, an anarchist railway la notte della repubblica, serious discrepancies existed in the police account, which initially maintained that Pinelli had committed suicide by leaping from the window during a routine interrogation session.

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Despite being exonerated, the far-left organisation Lotta Continua held Calabresi la notte della repubblica being responsible for the death of Pinelli, Anarchist Pietro Valpreda was also arrested after a taxi driver, called Cornelio Rolandi, identified him as the suspicious-looking client he had taken to the bank that day.

After his alibi was judged insufficient, he was held for three years in detention la notte della repubblica being sentenced for the crime. In he was acquitted by the supreme Court of Cassation for lack of evidence, the far-right Neo-fascist organization Ordine Nuovo, founded by Pino Rauti, came under suspicion.


The Court confirmed the convictions of Freda and Ventura in relation to the placed in Padua and Milan.

Also in the Milanese Guido Salvini reopened the investigation based on new evidence, despite a death threat from Pino Rauti, electrician Tullio Fabris testified that he had supplied Freda with primers and timers. Carlo Digilio, confessed explosives expert and advisor to the Ordine Nuovo in the La notte della repubblica was convicted in JuneDigilio displayed instances of memory loss after suffering a stroke in His subsequent confusion regarding dates and events led to the Court declaring him an unreliable witness, in a trial of neo-fascists the Milan Court of Appeal la notte della repubblica the Piazza Fontana bombing to Freda and Ventura.

However, since they had been acquitted in they could la notte della repubblica be retried, in an effort to protect extreme right-wing groups, Maletti destroyed a report concerning the Padua cell of Ordine Nuovo and arranged for potential witnesses to leave the country.

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Maletti and Labruna were convicted in Januarythe bags where the bombs were hidden had been bought a couple of days before the attacks in a shop in Padua, the city where Freda lived.

Ten days later, the process was moved to Milan for lack of territorial jurisdiction, then it was transferred to Catanzaro for reasons of public order. Catanzaro,18 Marchsecond trial and it was suspended after la notte della repubblica days due to the inclusion of new defendants, Franco Freda and Giovanni Ventura 5.

Years of Lead Italy — The left-wing autonomist Marxist movement in Italy which was involved in many events of the period lasted from until the end of the s. There was widespread social conflict and unprecedented acts of terrorism carried out by both right- and left-wing paramilitary groups, la notte della repubblica attempt to endorse the neo-fascist Italian Social Movement by the Tambroni Cabinet led to rioting and was short-lived.

Poi c'era un minimo di crisi all'interno dell'organizzazione e questa sfiducia, la notte della repubblica dubbi, incominciavano a venir fuori.

Io in pratica non possedevo niente, tutto quello che avevo era l'organizzazione: Non il fatto che loro mi dicevano: Come andarono veramente le cose?


Lo arresta, e gli dice: Lasciate posto alla Croce Bianca, lasciate il passo! Lasciate il passaggio alle macchine! Tutti in piazza della Vittoria!

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