Labour ministry urges patience with reforms, but Amnesty The Qatari government has introduced a new labour law which it says will bring. Most expats in Qatar, including myself, have been waiting for changes to be made on the sometimes abusive labor laws. And when it finally took effect in. This Act determines the rights and duties of employers and workers in Qatar, and 1) An employer is any person or entity who signs a labour contract with a.


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The merger of the enterprise with another enterprise or transfer of its ownership or the right in its management to a person other than the employer for any reason. The successor shall be jointly liable with the former employer for the labour law in qatar of the workers entitlements accruing from the latter.

Article 53 The employer shall upon expiry of the service contract: Give the worker upon his demand, free of charge, a service certificate indicating the date of his engagement in the employment, the date of expiry of his employment, the type of work he was performing and the amount of wage he was receiving.

Return to the worker the certificates, documents etc. Article 54 In addition to any sums to which the worker is labour law in qatar to upon the expiry of his service, the employer shall pay the end of service gratuity to the worker who has completed employment of one year or more.

Qatar: New Law Gives Domestic Workers Labor Rights

This gratuity shall be agreed upon by the two parties, provided that it is not less than a three-week wage for every year of employment. The worker shall be entitled to gratuity for the fractions of the year in proportion to the duration of employment. The last basic wage shall be the base for the calculation of the gratuity.

The employer is entitled to deduct from the service gratuity the amount due to him by labour law in qatar worker.

Qatar introduces changes to labour law | News | Al Jazeera

Article 55 If the worker dies during the employment for whatsoever causes, the employer shall within a labour law in qatar not exceeding fifteen days from the date of death deposit with the court any wages or entitlements due to the worker in addition to the gratuity.

The depositing record shall contain a detailed report indicating the method of calculating the sums referred to and a copy of the record shall be delivered to the Department. The court shall distribute the deposited sums amongst the heirs of the deceased worker in accordance with the provisions of the Islamic Sharia or the personal law applicable in the country labour law in qatar the deceased and if three years lapse from the date of depositing without the person entitled to the deposited sums being known the court shall transfer the said sums to the public fund of the State.

Article 56 The employer who maintains a retirement system or a similar system which secures for the worker a greater benefit than the end of service gratuity to which the worker is entitled under the provisions of Article 54 of this law shall labour law in qatar be obligated to pay to the worker the end of service gratuity in addition to the benefit available to the worker under the said system.

If the net benefit accruing to the worker under the said system is less than the end of service gratuity the employer shall pay to the worker the end of service gratuity and return to him any sum whereby the worker may have contributed to the said system.

The worker may choose to receive either the end of service gratuity or the pension accruing to him under the said system.

Article 57 Upon termination of the service of the worker the employer shall at his cost return him to the place from where he has recruited him at the commencement of the engagement or to any place agreed upon between the parties.

If the worker joins another employer before his labour law in qatar from the State the obligation to return him to labour law in qatar country or other place shifts to the latter employer.

The employer shall bear the costs of preparing the corpse of the deceased worker and the conveyance thereof to his country or place of residence upon the demand of his heirs.

If the employer does not repatriate the worker or his corpse after his death as the case may be the Department shall return the worker or his corpse at the cost of labour law in qatar employer and recover the said costs through the administrative means.

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  • Law No (14) of the Year 2004 – Qatar Labor Law

The Minister may, by a Decision, issue models for such disciplinary regulations in accordance with the nature of the work for the guidance of the labour law in qatar in the preparation of their own regulations.

The coming into force of the disciplinary regulations and the amendments thereto shall be subject to the approval labour law in qatar the Department within a month from the date of its submission thereto and if this period expires without objection to the regulations the regulations shall be deemed to have been approved.


The employer shall post these regulations at the place of work for the perusal thereof by the workers.

The regulations shall only come into force upon the lapse of fifteen days from labour law in qatar date of their being posted up. Article 59 The disciplinary penalties which may be inflicted on the workers are:

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