Download scientific diagram| Maize Production in Zambia from publication: TRENDS IN AGRICULTURAL AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT INDICATORS IN. The agricultural sector in Zambia supports livelihoods of 85% of the population. Annual maize production in Zambia was on average Mt in the period Analysts predict reduced maize production in Zambia. LUSAKA, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- Zambia will likely see a decrease in the production of its staple crop maize in due to a number of challenges experienced, analysts told Xinhua on Tuesday.


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Mean annual rainfall in Region I ranges from to mm. The growing season is relatively short days and risky for maize production in zambia production, as poorly maize production in zambia rains result in crops enduring frequent dry spells. Region I contains a variety of soil types, ranging from slightly acidic loamy and clayey soils with loam topsoil, to acidic sandy soils.

Characteristics of these soils which have significant constraints for crop production, include: It contains the most fertile soils and most of the country's commercial farms.

Analysts predict reduced maize production in Zambia

Annual rainfall in Region II averages mm, and the growing season is days long. Distribution of rainfall is not as erratic as in Region I, but dry spells are common and reduce crop yields, especially on the sandier soils.

The most common soils in Region II are red maize production in zambia brown clayey to loamy soil types that are moderately to strongly leached. Physical characteristics of the soils that affect crop production, include low water holding capacity, shallow rooting depth, and top soils prone to rapid deterioration and erosion.

These soils also have low nutrient reserves and retention capacity, are acid, have low organic matter and nitrogen content, and are phosphorus-deficient.

The situation, he said, has been exacerbated by a dry spell experienced in some provinces in the last three weeks, adding that this will affect production. The subsequent decline in revenue from maize production in zambia exports also led to currency depreciation and inflation in recent years.

Drought in Zambia, maize output could fall by half due to unpredictable weather | LifeGate

Although agriculture is not the main driver of the Zambian economy, it is the most important sector for employment and supports the livelihood of over 66 percent of the population Tembo and Sitko Despite economic growth, poverty rates remain high over 60 percent of the population is poorespecially maize production in zambia rural areas.

Zambia Zambia is among the 12 countries in Sub-Saharan Maize production in zambia expected to benefit from a recently launched Stress Tolerant Maize for Africa STMA project that will develop improved maize varieties with resistance to drought and diseases affecting maize production.

He ascribes his yield boost to the insight he gains from learning new methods and from interacting with other farmers. He says he never sits on information but puts what he learns into practice immediately, and corrects mistakes as soon as possible. The common human weaknesses of procrastination and denial are particularly bad for farmers, and farmers, like Wisdom, who act quickly and decisively to correct mistakes, tend to be more profitable and therefore more successful.

This time maize production in zambia cropping operation was financed by Zanaco Bank and Rabobank. Skills and knowledge Recently back from a CFU Conservation Farming Unit day with Dutch Gibson, Wisdom says the experts bring an impressive array of maize production in zambia to the table and put it across in a user-friendly way.

The rise in maize prices has contributed to a small uptick in the food inflation rate, estimated at 6. An increase in fuel prices in February, supported by higher international oil prices and a weaker currency, also contributed to the higher inflation rate.

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