70 Major Sins In Islam. Definition: Major sins are defined as what is forbidden by Allah and His Messenger in the Qur'an and the Sunnah in addition to what is. "Kabira" which means major sin is a noun derived from kabr (kibar), which lexically means "become big materially or spiritually". Taking the. Source: New Muslims / 14 May Adultery or fornication, known as zina in Arabic, is considered a sin in all religions. The seventh.


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To believe that Allah has any partner or colleague in His Divinity; to worship someone besides Allah. To lose hope in the mercy of Allah; to believe that Allah would not save him on the day of judgement.

Major sins in islam have no fear of Allah; to think that Allah would not punish him for his sins. To misbehave with parents; disobeying them or injuring their feeling.

Not to perform the five daily prescribed prayers in time and miss them. Not to fast in the month of Ramadan without having an excuse; to eat or drink something in major sins in islam presence of fasting Muslims.


Not to pay zakah almsgiving and the tithe. Not to accept halal and haram as halal and haram. To get dressed in a way to excite lust this is valid for both men and women. To major sins in islam silk clothes and adorn major sins in islam in a pompous way for men. To uncover the private parts of the body and to show them to others and to look at the private parts of others.

Al-KABAIR (The Major Sins)

For a woman to wear the clothes of men; for a man to wear the clothes of women and to try to look like the opposite gender. To continue to eat after being major sins in islam. To drink wine and alcoholic drinks; to use something that intoxicates such as drugs, heroin etc. To eat the leftovers of a dog.

70 Major Sins In Islam

To eat pork and lard. To eat carrion and to make others eat it.


To have a tattoo done. To receive or give interest ribato practice usury. To commit a theft.

If He were to have mercy on them, His mercy would be greater than from their actions. If a person had amount of gold equivalent to Mount Uhud or similar to Mount Uhud and spent it in the Path of Allah, that spending would not be major sins in islam form him by Allah until he believes in the preordainment of good and evil.

And until he knows that what afflicted him was not going to miss him and what missed him was not going to afflict him.


Albani says that its chain is sahih Eavesdropping on other's private conversation Hujarat:

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