The best ebook reader: ergonomic, efficient, highly customizable, it will bring you flexibility, speed and unprecedented comfort of reading to read and annotate. What is the best alternative to Mantano Ebook Reader Premium? Pocketbook is a very nicely designed eBook reader for Android that has a simple and. The simplified edition of the best ebook reader on the market: user friendly, powerful, fast, this book reader provides unprecedented speed and.


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I subscribe to the premium version, which lets me sync across devices. I am so glad there is now an ios version that I can install on my phone.

I have used it on my Nexus 7 and love the beauty of it. I have been looking for an app that could handle pdfs and epub files on my iPad and now I have found it. I just mantano ebook reader premium it on my iPad and it's similar to my Nexus 7, except the Nexus app is smoother.

Also, some features are different, but works the same way. At the bottom of mantano ebook reader premium screen it says annotate instead of write, and the highlight feature does not place the choice colors at the top of the screen for easy selection while highlighting.

Mantano Ebook Reader Premium v APK | PaidFullPro APK Downloader

I found that feature less time consuming mantano ebook reader premium faster highlighting. I'm hoping I will get use to using it this way for ios. Thanks for the dictionary feature, it comes in handy. I would love to see a selection for underlining and freehand drawing on both tablets.


I have iAnnotate, and its a wonderful app for pdfs on my ios, but lackluster on my Nexus. If only they did epubs on ios, I would not have needed another app.

Within the last 2 weeks I've tried MarginNote and Wireshare apps. I thought MarginNote would do it all, but no underlining, dictionary or freehand drawing. Mantano ebook reader premium will be useful for other things.

Mantano - innovative solutions for reading and distributing ebooks

Wireshare is not a good epub reader in my opinion. It has all the needed features for PDFs and many other things.

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Mantano should do the job and hopefully my search is over. Switch between your phone and tablet and mantano ebook reader premium find your books, reading positions, collections, tags, ratings, bookmarks, in their most recent state.

Add notes to pages or to text selections.

‎Bookari Ebook Reader Premium on the App Store

Using the pinnable Navigation Panel, display your notes beside the text for even easier access. Search for words in dictionaries and add them to your own lexicon.


Listen to your books Make reading accessible to all Easily configure the speed, volume, and pitch of the voice. Due to a known issue in Android 4. Please uninstall and reinstall the application.

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