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Relationship between winter hardiness and plant height data manualul apicultorului editia ix F3 No relationship has been found between winter hardiness and earliness data of those lines analyzed Figure 4.

The breeding program just started, from a short time, and it is needed to improve the genetic bases of the germplasm use for all traits, but mainly for winter hardiness.


Theor Appl Genet Winter hardiness in pea. Stoddard FL, Balko C.


Screening techniques and sources of resistance to abiotic stresses in cool season food legumes. Shafiq S, Mather D. Variation in tolerance to radiant frost at reproductive stages in field pea germplasme.

A conserved molecular manualul apicultorului editia ix for photoperiod adaptation in two temperate legumes. Perspectives in winter peas breeding program. Journal of Plant Sciences, 1: Floral initiation in field-grown forage peas is delayed to a greater extent by short photoperiods, than in other types of European varieties.

Therefore, higher yield is one of the most important goals in wheat breeding. Larger grains not only directly relate to grain yield but also have favorable effects on seedling vigour and early growth, thereby promoting and stabilizing yielding ability.

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Large grain size has been an important trait and it is usually measured in plant breeding practice by one thousand grain weight TGWmainly determined by grain width GWgrain length GL and grain thickness GTbut also by manualul apicultorului editia ix shape and density. Milling and baking quality is also influenced by grain size and shape.

Scientific Bulletin Series F. Biotechnologies - usamv

Test weight volumetric weighta trait largely used in commercial transactions with wheat, also depends on grain size and shape - larger grains, deviating from spherical shape having lower test weight. Grain size in wheat is a complex character and any information on its genetic control is useful for increasing breeding efficiency.

Identifying molecular markers linked to quantitative trait loci QTLs controlling seed size would facilitate selection in early generations and may contribute to improved yield and end-use quality in wheat by accumulating such loci into elite backgrounds.

Grain manualul apicultorului editia ix in wheat is manualul apicultorului editia ix quantitative trait controlled by quantitative trait loci QTLand numerous QTLs for grain size have been reported.

Scientific Bulletin Series F. Biotechnologies - usamv - PDF Free Download

Grain size is negatively correlated with grain number, mainly due to competition for available assimilates. Alleviating this correlation should be facilitated by a more detailed knowledge of grain size genetic control.

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Viking mb manual

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