The latest Tweets from Neale Donald Walsch (@realNDWalsch). Author of New York Times Best Selling books, Conversations with God. #CWG. Ashland, OR. NEALE DONALD WALSCH is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion. Neale Donald Walsch, the New York Times Bestselling author of Conversations with God, shares the 7 principles and characteristics of Highly Evolved Beings.


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Neale Donald Walsch

Maybe a few dozen. But if they unite, they become a power that you cannot ignore and you cannot subdue; and other people cannot not obey them. I think that neale donald walsh we sit together, among us, we'll create a power of bonding that will affect the whole world.

Just by internally, in our minds and our hearts, doing it; and that power will act in the world more than any neale donald walsh or declaration.

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That's one, that's the first thing. And no one will be able to take that away from us.

Two, we can then approach the media, United Nations, the Congress, the government. If you are talking about a big forum, the people hear about it; and each of us neale donald walsh a few million around us, millions of listeners and people who follow what we think and what we say.


At the same time, when the crisis is escalating, and neale donald walsh is escalating, it's not easing, the problems are not going away; and at the same time we are talking about how you cannot resolve it except through the right kind of relationships, as we continue for a few months and a few more neale donald walsh we will gather more and more people.

It will be ongoing, like a group that in the end will reach a level of a spiritual government. But in order for us to create a spiritual government, we are going to have to create a new spiritual understanding, a new spiritual basis, where the governed will allow themselves to be governed by the spiritual laws that naturally govern the universe itself.

But the government is becoming dysfunctional anyway.


What can I say? Look at the G8, G20, G40, whatever Gs you want to have; the poor guys don't know what to do.

Look at the United Nations; we have many more problems along the way; and they all stand like little kids not knowing what to do. We don't actually need to be in the government. They can have the honor and the money, but what they need from us is advice on how to teach neale donald walsh.

We're not even asking for anything. We're saying it through the media, through the education system; start creating the proper society around every neale donald walsh, so we change humans from within.

We'll make them better people.

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By that, we won't be doing any harm to anyone; it won't be one at the expense of the other. What are we asking after all? You know what I'd love to do? I'll tell you what I neale donald walsh like to do.


I would like to create a shadow government, an actual shadow neale donald walsh government, that did not have any authority or any power, but nevertheless met on the regular basis.

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