October "Toby" Christine Daye is the main protagonist of the titular October Daye series. Half-Dochas Sidhe, half-human, though the balance is always shifting. Seanan McGuire (pronounced SHAWN-in) is an American author and filker. In , she was October Daye; InCryptid; Newsflesh (as Mira Grant); Parasitology (as (Also see the standalone novellas in the Newsflesh series.). From Book 1: New York Times-bestselling October Daye faerie series • Hugo Award-winning author Seanan McGuire • "Top of my urban-paranormal series list!


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After the Luidaeg points her to the direction of Dianda, who october daye series King October daye series, Toby realises that the Queen of the Mists was a pretender to the throne - and Arden was the true heir to King Gilad. After a few failed attempts to get Arden to reclaim her birthright, even at the handicap of unconsciously shifting her to a merlin due to the false Queen's attempt to get her addicted to goblin-fruit, Toby succeeds despite Dianda's imprisonment and Nolan's abduction.

She uses the hope chest to shift herself further to her fae nature than before, then forcibly removes the Siren blood out of the false Queen to stop her from manipulating her allies against her.

Seanan McGuire

For a while, Toby was able to relax now that Arden was recognised as the Queen, but Simon Torquill's return forces her to confront Sylvester about secrets he kept from Toby - especially that Simon was Amandine's husband - the main reason that Simon chose to turn her into a fish instead of killing her - and the existence of August, her long lost sister.

After the Luidaeg was almost murdered - october daye series not for Toby's intervention, and through Simon's subtle messages, Toby figures out that Evening - the woman who forced her back to Faerie, was still alive, ands actually the Firstborn of the Daoine Sidhe who was responsible for Raysel and Luna's kidnapping, the massacre of the Roane, the Luidaeg becoming what she was and Simon october daye series to turn her into a fish.

Eventually Toby, with the help of Simon and the Luidaeg, is able to get Evening elf-shot.

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By the end october daye series this, her relationship with Sylvester and Luna suffered, but Tybalt proposes to Toby. Arden tries to run from her responsibilities, but Toby october daye series her back into it.

In response, Arden spitefully assigns Toby as her diplomat and has her sent to Silences to try and talk King Rhys and the False Queen - who is now unstable because of Toby's forced rebalancing of her blood.


In october daye series process, she discovers Walther's heritage as a member of october daye series Silences royal family, and helps reverse-engineer a cure for elf-shot.

Nearly six weeks after the incident at Silences, Arden forces Toby to accompany her and help Walther wake Madden and Nolan up before High King Aethlin realises that he left a loophole. She is only able to wake Madden up before he arrives.

When High King October daye series protests Arden's actions, Toby calls him out on it, even going as far to remind him that the False Queen and King Rhys wouldn't have been on the throne if he had physically been there. As punishment, and as a way to smuggle Quentin into the conclave, High King Aethlin orders Toby to attend and clarifies his october daye series to using the elf-shot cure until it is approved.

During the conclave, Toby meets most of the monarchy in the Westlands, and is already targeted with suspicion over King Antonio's murder.

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Things only get worse when Dianda is elf-shot, and King Antonio's murder - who's real target was Tybalt - assaults and almosts kills Toby. By the time the conclave is almost halfway through, the murderer, revealed to be Minna, manages to gravely wound Tybalt.

She realises that the monarchy of Highmountain used her sister as a bargaining chip to clear away the people they thought would drag Faerie down, and October daye series fate is further sealed when she successfully murders Kabos in a rage. Even though Toby assured her that Verona wouldn't get away with murder by proxy, the attempted murder of Madden and getting Quentin and Walther elf-shot, Minna knows that her life was forfeit the october daye series she murdered King Antonio, and throws herself, Verona and Toby out of the window at the highest point of Arden's knowe.

Although Verona and Minna are killed instantly, Toby barely survives. Thanks to Toby's presence, the cure for elf-shot is approved, but High King Aethlin realises that Toby's recklessness is close to politically destabilising all of Faerie Blind Michael's death, the False Queen and False King being toppled out of october daye series thrones, witnessing Kabos and Verona's murders.

October Daye - Book Series In Order

High Queen Maida manages to spare her from whatever fate that King Aethlin has in mind october daye series offering the Sollys knowe in Toronto as a site for their wedding.

Toby manages to find some time to relax until Amandine finally returns to her life after a lengthy absence, demanding that Toby finds October daye series despite insulting her about her talent.

Send Mitch Rapp in! This is going to be Rapp at his best and the new book comes out October 2nd. Recommendations Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations.


We'll base this on various factors for example "If you like Jack Reacher Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. It's just an incredible light sci-fi october daye series that fans of "Dark Matter" would also enjoy.

October Daye Series by Seanan McGuire

It's october daye series on Kindle Unlimited too! This is the story of the battlefield where it all began to change. Rat-CatcherA Fantasy Medley 2.

A Fantasy Medley 2.

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