In the English text, short indented lines have normally been included with the shorter line above in the reckoning. Oedipus the King, also called Oedipus Tyrannos or Oedipus Rex, written around full of terrible fears the prophet sees. . As you read Oedipus Rex, be aware of the following: the role of Complete control of one's own fate is not possible. Oedipus King of Thebes by Sophocles. No cover available. Download; Bibrec Category, Text. EBook-No. Release Date, Dec 31,  Downloads‎: ‎ downloads in the last 30 days.


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If so, he will be sent out from this land unhurt and undergo no further punishment. For I decree that no one in this land, in which I rule as your own king, shall give that killer shelter or talk to him, whoever he may be, or act in concert with him during prayers, or sacrifice, or sharing lustral water.

oedipus rex full text

And Oedipus rex full text pray whoever the man is who did this crime, one unknown person acting on his own or with companions, the worst of agonies will wear out his wretched life.

And I urge you now to make sure all these orders take effect, for my sake, for oedipus rex full text sake of the god, and for our barren, godless, ruined land.

For in this matter, even if a god were not urging us, it would not be right for you to simply leave things as they are and not to purify the murder of a man who was so noble and who was your king. But now I possess the ruling power which Laius held in earlier days.

Children from a common mother might have linked Laius and myself.

Full text of "Oedipus Rex"

But as it turned out, Fate swooped down onto his head. Ah me, ah me! What spasms athwart me shoot, What pangs of agonizing memory?

I know thee near, and though bereft of oedipus rex full text, Thy voice I recognize. O doer of dread deeds, how couldst thou mar Thy vision thus?


What demon goaded thee? How, How, could I longer see when sight Brought no delight?

Oedipus King of Thebes by Sophocles

Haste, friends, no fond delay, Take the oedipus rex full text cursed away Far from all ken, The man abhorred of gods, accursed of men. Would I had never looked upon thy face!

Oedipus rex full text meant me well, yet had he left me there, He had saved my friends and me a world of care. Was ever man before afflicted thus, Like Oedipus. I cannot say that thou hast counseled well, For thou wert better dead than living blind.

Thou canst never shake My firm belief. A truce to argument.

The Internet Classics Archive | Oedipus the King by Sophocles

For, had I sight, I know not with what eyes I could have met my father in the shades, Or my poor mother, since against the oedipus rex full text I sinned, a sin no gallows could atone.

Aye, but, ye say, the sight of children joys A parent's eyes. What, born as mine were born? No, such a sight could never bring me joy; Nor this fair city with its battlements, Its oedipus rex full text and the statues of its gods, Sights from which I, now wretchedst of all, Once ranked the foremost Theban in all Thebes, By my own sentence am cut off, condemned By my own proclamation 'gainst the wretch, The miscreant by heaven itself declared Unclean—and of the race of Laius.


Oedipus rex full text branded as a felon by myself, How had I dared to look you in the face? Nay, had I known a way to choke the springs Of hearing, I had never shrunk to make A dungeon of this miserable frame, Cut off from sight and hearing; for 'tis bliss to bide in regions sorrow cannot reach.


Why didst thou harbor me, Cithaeron, why Didst thou not take and slay me? Then I never Had shown to men the secret of my birth. O Polybus, O Corinth, O oedipus rex full text home, Home of my ancestors so wast thou called How fair a nursling then I seemed, how foul The canker that lay festering in the bud!

Now is the blight revealed of root and oedipus rex full text. Ye triple high-roads, and thou hidden glen, Coppice, and pass where meet the three-branched ways, Ye drank my blood, the life-blood these hands spilt, My father's; do ye call to mind perchance Those deeds of mine ye witnessed and the work I wrought thereafter when I came to Thebes?

O fatal wedlock, thou didst give me oedipus rex full text, And, having borne me, sowed again my seed, Mingling the blood of fathers, brothers, children, Brides, wives and mothers, an incestuous brood, All horrors that are wrought beneath the sun, Horrors so foul to name them were unmeet.

O, I adjure you, hide me anywhere Far from this land, or slay me straight, or cast me Down to the depths of ocean out of sight. Come hither, deign to touch an abject wretch; Draw near and fear not; I myself must bear The load of guilt that none but I can oedipus rex full text.

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