Of all divination practices, palm reading, also known as chiromancy or . let's explore the basic theory and techniques of palm reading, along. How to Read Palms. Palm reading, otherwise known as palmistry or chiromancy, is something that's practiced all over the world. It has its roots in Indian. Are you keen on knowing about palm reading techniques? An open hand has always been a symbol of reciprocation and trust, whilst a closed hand has always.


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A discontinuous life line indicates changes in life. If there is a break in this line in one hand, it palm reading techniques that a person may suffer from an illness from which he will recover soon.

However, if there is a break in this line in both hands, it indicates a serious illness.

Palm Reading – Guide & Basics of Hand Reading to Tell Fortune, Chinese Palmistry

Small lines running up to the life line represent good health and wealth, whereas, small branches running down indicate just the opposite. An ideal life line should be semicircular, thin deep, and without too many branches. Line of Head This line also starts from the edge of the palm palm reading techniques the thumb and index finger, palm reading techniques instead of curving towards the wrist, it runs straight to the other side of the palm.


A horizontal line of head stands for a logical mind with aptitude for mathematics and computers. On the palm reading techniques, an artistic inclination with romantic disposition is reflected by a sloping line of head.

A quick and easy guide to palm reading - Dating Tips, Seduction Pickup Routines, Amog, DHV

A short line indicates limited interests. Such a person tends to specialize in some particular field. A broken line represents diverse interests and varying jobs. Line of Heart It is the uppermost main line and it runs from the edge of the palm reading techniques, a little below the little finger towards the index finger.

Palm Reading Techniques

A long and curved line stands for a warmhearted person, a straight line indicates a self-centered character, whereas a short and faint line refers to a person who palm reading techniques the feeling of love.

However, that does not mean that a person with a palm reading techniques and deep line is an ideal romantic person. On the contrary, people with such a line are believed to be jealous and possessive. Line of Fate This line runs from the center of the bottom end of the palm towards the ring finger or the middle finger.

Chinese Palmistry

Absence of this line represents a life free of struggles. The ideal line should be straight and unbroken as that stands for a successful life.


If the line palm reading techniques at the head line, it means the person will have strong relationships. Down to earth, practical people enjoy a challenge work hard towards their goals plenty of stamina and energy.

This line will end either close to the base of the first two fingers or palm reading techniques commonly somewhere in between them.

The ending position of the heart line is important 1. You may be prone to allergies.

A Guide to Palm Reading - Real Simple

If you have a donut right in the middle of the life line, it indicates hospitalization due to some accident, whilst a square indicates protection when you need it and may also mark a turning point in your palm reading techniques.

If your life line breaks in between, it palm reading techniques a sudden change in lifestyle, an accident or an illness. If there are lines above the life line in the direction of your fingers, they show an ability to recover from situations, and ones that extend below denote that you have a habit of wasting your energy.


If there are lines intersecting the life line, they indicate worries or dangers. If there is a star somewhere, it indicates a crisis.

If the head line is stronger than the life line, it means that the person likes intellectual stimulation more than physical activity. If palm reading techniques are small lines arising from the life line, it is palm reading techniques of someone who's quite active and vibrant.

If the line extends to the middle of your palm in the direction of its base, away from the thumb, it means you'll travel a lot in you life.

Branches leading to the mount of Jupiter suggest that you'll go quite ahead palm reading techniques the academic front; those leading to the mount of Apollo suggest a lot of the green stuff money flowing in and those leading to the mount of Saturn suggest success with property transactions.

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