Want to know whether you could earn enough money and lead a rich life? There are many signs indicating if you could be rich and acquire a good amount of. Palmistry and Astrology are co-related but Astrology cannot predict about two my grateful thanks to Dr. S.K. Sharma for translating my Hindi book in English. palmistry reading हस्तरेखा मे राजयोग!! Reading palms!! Palmistry in hindi **palmistry **palmistry in hindi **palmistry reading.


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You may get a great amount of wealth because of reputation.

Wonders of Palmistry - Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi - Google Books

Also, it means you could get some extra income through part-time job. Also, you need to avoid exposing wealth in public.


If you palmistry in hindi such a M sign in your hand, you could get great wealth before 40 years old. If you are still not successful before the age, it shows palmistry in hindi are not hard working enough or the efforts are not in the correct direction.

Fig 7 The Color of Palm In general, if your palm shows a white color, it indicates you are easy to get married with a rich man or woman thus enjoys a good wealth fortune.

The dark yellow colored palm indicates you have few chance of get married with a rich partner. Some red spots scatter in the two palms is a good sign in terms of wealth.

Money Line - Signs of Wealth and Money in Palmistry

This kind of palm is usually palmistry in hindi liver palm. If you have such spots in your hands, you could build up business from scratch and are good at doing business.


The Palmistry in hindi and Fat Palm In Chinese palmistry, a person with a soft and fat palm usually could enjoy wealth and honor.

In opposite, with hard and thin palm, you will have no relationship with wealth. Fig 8 Money Manage Line In the palm, there usually exist a horizontal line which is parallel with and above the heart line.

This line usually shows the ability of managing money for a person. If you have one such line with a moderate length, you are wise in palmistry in hindi matters and know how to take care of others.

Hast Rekha Palmistry in Hindi

You could help him to manage money well. Fig palmistry in hindi Marriage Line If your marriage line extends upwards towards the ring finger at the same time has a star at the end, you would marry will a rich man or a man of great reputation.

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Therefore, you would have no worry about money in life. You are good at thinking, love money and know how to make full use of it. For those businesses which have low palmistry in hindi ratio, you could judge exquisitely and never engage in them.

Palmistry in hindi, you have a strong ability to win gamble. Fig 9 Mounts of Palm If the mounts under and palmistry in hindi the index finger and middle finger, the middle finger and the ring finger, the ring finger and the little finger all are very developed, it indicates a good luck in making money.

If you own such mounts, you are expert in making money knowing how to earn enough with easy ways.

Book Of Fate And Fortune: Palmistry - Cheiro - Google Книги

In character, you are smart, flexible and have a good rule palmistry in hindi dealing with people. Fig 10 The Developed Mount of Mercury The Mount of Mercury located at the base of the little finger represents wisdom and the ability to think.


With a developed mount of Mercury, you usually are brilliant at managing business and enjoy a good fortune in wealth. Besides, you are good at diplomacy and have a strong adaptability.

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