This is Periyar E.V. Ramasamy writing in his magazine Kudiyarasu, and he is being unusually mild here. (Naan Sonnal Unakku Yen Kopam. The universal condemnation of BJP leader H Raja's remarks underlines the enduring iconic status of E V Ramasamy Periyar in Tamil Nadu and. E V Ramasamy , popularly known as EVR, is hailed as 'Periyar' by his followers. He was a demagogue who used the social evils.


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Answered Mar 26, Periyar is one of the most popular social reformers in Tamil Nadu. He fought for women's rights, social upliftment of the so called backwards classes and was against religious misconduct.

However, ironically, Periyar had himself started protests that involved burning and breaking of idols of Hindu gods. Below is a brief introduction to Periyar and his politics: Erode Venkata Ramasamy Periyar was born periyar ramasamy in what was then called the Madras Presidency to a Kannada businessman and later joined his father's periyar ramasamy.

He joined the Congress party but left it after he found it to be dominated by Brahmins.

A man, an ideology: The importance of EV Ramasamy Periyar | The Indian Express

Much later, he started his own Periyar ramasamy Kazhagam party, which is considered the inspiration of all political parties launched later on the plank of Tamil pride. If there is right to divorce, right for widows to remarry and if women are now given periyar ramasamy rights, we will not see prostitution in the country.


It will gradually disappear. A male has the right to wander about as he pleases. He periyar ramasamy the right to marry any number of girls.

Periyar E. V. Ramasamy - Wikipedia

This practice has led to prostitution. What for periyar ramasamy marriage? It is to unite a man and a woman to enjoy a natural life with happiness.

It is to find solace after hard work. Most of the people do not realize that marriages are for sharing pleasures of the wedded life. periyar ramasamy

Statue wars: Who was Periyar and why does he trigger sentiment in Tamil Nadu?

Man treats woman as his own property and periyar ramasamy as being capable of feelings, like himself. The way man treats women is much worse than the way landlords treat servants and the high-caste treat the low-caste.

These treat them so demeaningly only in situations periyar ramasamy affecting them; but men treat cruelly and as slaves, from their birth till death. Many of his black-shirted followers were fine individuals personally.

Why do many people hate Periyar Ramasamy? - Quora

At the same time, Periyar was also paranoid that democracy would result in Brahmins completely taking over the reins of the government.

How will their rule set right our country? Periyar commented periyar ramasamy the murders thus: The people of India are barbarians.


The dharma of India is the dharma of criminal tribes. As long as the ones who follow Manu dharma exist, the nation will never have discipline, integrity, honesty and periyar ramasamy.

Periyar E. V. Ramasamy

India has gone into the hands of scoundrels after the departure of the British. He was miffed that the Constitution did not periyar ramasamy reservations for non-Brahmins. He accused Ambedkar for selling himself to the Brahmins: The price is this: He accepted the Constitution written by the Brahmins and signed on periyar ramasamy dotted lines.

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