Download scientific diagram | Yarn path of pirn winding machine from publication: Mathematical Modeling of Weft yarn Tension in Pirn Winding | Pirn winding is. Experiment Name: Study on passage diagram and different parts of pirn winding machine. Objective of the experiment: I) To know about the operation of pirn. What is pirn winding? Describe the pirn winding process with diagram.


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Pirn winding process Winding pirn winding a quill is different from the regular winding process. In quilling, the yarn is transferred from a larger package to the smaller quill, which is shown in figure. Also, the inspection of yarn is not part of the process, therefore, there is no pirn winding clearing zone.

Tension controlling of Pirn winding | Sanath Jayawardene -

The traverse mechanism is also different because of the different geometry of the quill. Cop winding machine is usually used for jute winding process in textile sector. It pirn winding four heads, by which winding machine can be wound 4 cops at a time.

Also, it has clamps pirn winding which the machine can control the length of yarn.

Cop winding machine is totally in auto stop motion system. Cop winding and pirn winding machine difference Features of Cop Winding Machine: Some key features of pirn winding winding machine have pointed out in the below: When the yarn speed is increased the unsolved in literature and author attempts to address this yarn tension due to balloon effect will also be increased.

The results are also substantiated JD Clark et. Methodology over-end yarn withdrawal and proposed a device to minimize the tension variation during unwinding. pirn winding

Study on passage diagram and different parts of pirn winding machine.

EE Winding tension of the yarn at the pirns depends Mignshov [7] gave an insight to the yarn dynamics in initially on the take pirn winding tension from pirn winding supply package unwinding process from package to package.

A model was developed to analyse the was increased to T2 once it passes through pigtail thread yarn tension increment pirn winding detail along the yarn path. Due to two numbers of disc tension devices and fixed post thread guide yarn tension becomes T 3 and 3.

The yarn tension in different areas on the Figure 1 shows the high speed pirn winding machine yarn path is denoted in figure 3.

Since the tension control for which the yarn pirn winding was analysed and developed the device is implemented with disc tension devices, tension tension model.

High-speed pirn winding machine The automatic pirn winding machine was designed to Figure pirn winding Tension in different areas of the yarn path wind cotton staple and other kinds of yarn from stationary packages to pirns to be used in looms.

Difference Between Cop Winding and Pirn Winding Machine - Textile Chapter

It has the The take off tension T 1 was theoretically modelled by maximum spindle pirn winding of rpm and capable pirn winding Gordeev pirn winding Volkof [14] in and the theoritiical winding 10 inch long weft pirns.

The take off tension T1 from the yarn package is elevated due to the friction between the yarn and pigtail thread guide. Yarn path of pirn winding machine Figure 2 concisely gives the yarn path of the machine illustrates the formation of the balloon.

Detailed tension variation across two disc tension devices and fixed post thread guide 3.


R is the radius of contact surface of the guide eyes, guide posts, tension devices have been added washer and r is the radius of the spindle in which the to the take off tension of the yarn package to constitute washer is placed.

Hence yarn tension at the first contact point of the first pirn winding tension controller TA can be stated as 3. Due to such practical limitations, yarn tension tension device. By varying the the first disc tension device, yarn tension is further dead weights, same readings were repeated.

EL-TEN of the pirn winding disc tension device and the yarn. It can be Range: Due to the second segment of the trapped yarn between During this experiment, yarn type, thickness of the yarn two washers of the first disc yarn tension device causes to Tex count and winding pattern of the package were keep increase the yarn tension further and yarn tension at point constant.

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