After over 50 years in the industry we know there are just 7 steps to an effective recruitment process. Use these 7 stages of recruitment and selection to make. The five steps involved in recruitment process are as follows: (i) Recruitment Planning (ii) Strategy Development (iii) Searching (iv) Screening (v) Evaluation and. By investing in a thorough and detailed hiring process, a hiring staff can make the Beyond passive recruitment via job posts, the hiring staff should seek out.


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process of recruitment This will ensure that some applications from potential candidates who are not actively searching for new jobs but who may be perfect for the role are received.

Qualified candidates are informed of next steps beginning with a screening interview.

15 Steps of the Hiring Process

Screening interview Initial process of recruitment with applicants are typically phone calls with HR representatives. These interviews determine if applicants have the qualifications needed to do the job and serve to further narrow the pool of candidates.


HR may also explain the interviewing process during this step. Interviews Depending on the size of the selection committee, several interviews are scheduled for each candidate.

Recruitment Process: 5 Steps Involved in Recruitment Process (with diagram)

Additional meetings with management, staff, executives, and other members of the organization can be one-on-one or panel interviews, formal or relaxed, on-site, off-site, or online Skype, Google Hangouts. From these the relevant information is captured in a person specification.

Alternatively, employers may use recruitment consultancies or agencies to find otherwise scarce candidates—who, in many cases, may be process of recruitment in the current positions and are not actively looking to move.

This initial research for candidates—also called name generation—produces contact information for potential candidates, whom the recruiter can then discreetly contact and screen. Assessments are also available to measure physical ability.


The techniques used for screening candidates vary depending on the source of supply and method used for recruiting. Preliminary applications, de-selection tests and screening interviews are common techniques used for screening the candidates. Given the considerable cost involved in the recruitment process, its process of recruitment and control is, therefore, imperative.


To increase the efficiency of hiring, it is recommended that the HR team of an organization follows the five best practices as shown in the following image.

These five practices ensure successful recruitment without any interruptions. In addition, these practices also ensure consistency and compliance in the recruitment process. process of recruitment


Recruitment process is the first step in creating a powerful resource base. Deloitte, Global Human Capital Trends Seek specialist support If you are already process of recruitment to fit everything in during the process of recruitment, you might want to consider outsourcing to a recruitment agency, especially if you are serious about finding the candidate that ticks the right boxes.

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Our specialist divisions ensure you process of recruitment someone who knows your sector and tailors the process to your needs. Process of recruitment, using a specialist can both strengthen and speed up the process, giving you valuable time back to achieve more within the business.

Review your applications Good candidates should quickly and clearly highlight how their experience aligns with the available role.

7 steps to a foolproof recruitment process - REED

So revisit your job description and person specification for a reminder of what you are looking for. Don't feel bad about scan-reading applications. The onus is on your applicants to prove their suitability process of recruitment quickly as possible. And, trust us, after reading CVs you'll be able to spot the standout candidates process of recruitment mile off.

Take a deep breath and dive in. No matter how well you crafted your job description and person specification, you will always receive wildcards.

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