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When bribery is not eradicated, many are able to do illegal activities or activities without observing standard procedures. Foreign investors would not like to invest in those countries where bribery is a way rasuah dalam islam life because it is unprofitable to invest in those countries.

It is unprofitable because in such countries, business activities will not comply with procedures of international standard making the qualities of product to decreased and become unmarketable. In countries rampant rasuah dalam islam bribery, the rich will be able to run away from procedures by giving bribe.


Rasuah dalam islam most eligible persons may be deprived of many opportunities because they could not give bribe, because they are poor.

On the other hand, the least eligible persons can have many opportunities rasuah dalam islam they are rich and can give bribe. In countries rampant with bribery, the poor becomes poorer and the rich becomes richer. Bribery is evil and it causes injustices to prevail in the communities.

With bribery the rich can have whatever they want and the poor will be at the mercy of the rich. With bribery, illegal things can become legal; falsehood can become the truth and the one who is not eligible can become eligible.


Allah has forbidden Muslims from giving and accepting bribery. Bribery is regarded as evils in Islam. Bribery is rampant mainly in poor Muslims countries.

Fakta Pas ‘bebas rasuah'

In poor countries, many are forced to practice bribery, because the amount of salary earned by an average worker cannot even meet their needs.

When their needs are not met, the poor has to accept bribery in order to fulfill rasuah dalam islam needs.

It is a normal rule; when there are markets for a product, the products will be produced according to the market demand. In poor countries, there are many who want to accept a rasuah dalam islam and there are also many who want to give a bribe.

As an example a policeman in a poor country is having a wife and three children. Eid celebration is coming and all the children and the wife need food to eat rasuah dalam islam new clothes to wear during the celebration.

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It so happen during that time the policeman does not have enough money rasuah dalam islam buy all those needs. If there is an opportunity during this time to get more money, will the policeman grab such opportunity or he will avoid it? One day while on his duty the policeman has caught a man driving without a license and according to the law, summon rasuah dalam islam be given to that person.

The person pleaded to the policeman not to give him summons and in return the person promises to the policeman to give him some amount of money. What would the policeman do in this situation?

MPU - Pengajian Islam by Raihan Illiyana Kamaruzzaman on Prezi

Should he gives summon or should he not? In the mind of the policeman are pictures of his wife and children, who will go without food and new clothes during rasuah dalam islam next coming eid festival. Realizing this, the police immediately come to the conclusion that he needs the money.

Without much hesitation the policeman decided to accept the money.

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