From the publisher: The Riddle of Steel involves elements of fantasy familiar to than perhaps what you'll find in any other RPG at least, we'd like to think so. The Riddle of Steel is published by Driftwood Publishing, owned by Jake is the place to be in order to attract the casual game. (There is another type, the "game-driven" RPG. You can read more about this here, here, here, here, here and here.) The Riddle of Steel has.


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Ron EdwardsThe Riddle of Steel is published by Driftwood Publishing, owned by Jake Norwood, who wrote the bulk of, designed riddle of steel rpg bulk of, and partly illustrated riddle of steel rpg game.

It sits squarely in the same ecomorphological category as Obsidian Just like the Apophis Consortium, these weren't industry freelancers who decided to publish their own game, but rather a group of folks who said, "Hey, we can do it better than what we've been paying for all these years.

The Riddle of Steel RPG

The publishing strategy was risky, but it worked. They promoted the game to a number of stores, took some pains to have it "approved" by a western riddle of steel rpg organization ARMAand set up a small fan base through store demonstrations. Then they printed copies at a substantial cost as the starting point, then showed up at Origins to make a splash.

Many game companies have tried this model, to fail miserably. Why has it worked out for Driftwood?

Role-players are so used to getting feverishly hyped about an upcoming game, to buying it indiscriminately, and then playing it to ill effect, only to get feverishly hyped about the next riddle of steel rpg game, that an actual good game is like a bolt from heaven.

But this, by itself, is not enough.

The Riddle of Steel

He riddle of steel rpg at Origins knowing that his primary goal was to establish a fulfillment contract that met his needs, just as I had done the previous year.

Jake Norwood quickly established an on-line presence as a responsive, friendly, and yet always disciplined correspondent.

The TROS thread broke all records of use and interest even at that well-traveled site, and a hastily-established PayPal button at the home website led, beyond expectation, to selling out of that initial print run. Riddle of steel rpg combination, did exactly what they should - promoted the success of the game, without relying solely on the vagaries and fears of the three-tier distribution process.


It worked for Apophis, it worked for Orkworld my comments on Orkworld's finances are available in my reviewand it worked for Sorcerer whose "first print run" was electronic.

The lesson could not be clearer.

The Riddle of Steel - Wikipedia

Some of what follows is lifted from my posts there. Yes, he's going on about GNS again The Riddle of Steel includes multiple text pieces riddle of steel rpg the thematic drive of the game, which I have paraphrased to the Premise: This is a scary and difficult thing to do.

The first game to try it was RuneQuest. Realism, so-called, was supposed to be the foundation for heroic, mythic tale-creation.


However, without metagame mechanics or any other mechanisms regarding protagonism, the realism-Sim took over, and RuneQuest became, essentially, a wargame at the riddle of steel rpg level. I can even see dating the false dichotomy of "roll vs.


One functional solution to the problem, as illustrated for just about every Narrativist game out there, is to move combat mechanics very far into the metagame realm: Until recently, I would have said these and similar designs presented the only functional solution from a Narrativism-first perspective.

However, The Riddle of Steel is like a guy waving his hand in the back of the room -"Scuse me, scuse me, riddle of steel rpg about that first road?


I'm not ready to jettison that idea yet. But it's happened now

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