See reviews and prices for the Roland FC MIDI Foot Controller, as used by Ed O'Brien, Stian Westerhus and others. The FC is a rugged MIDI foot controller that's built to withstand the rigors of live performance. It offers extensive control capabilities, an onboard expression. For greater savings check out our Used Roland FC MIDI Foot Controller and get a great deal today!


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Anybody knows which device's limits been CPU meter based on? It was functionality that was added for the Axe-PC software that has yet to materialize.

User reviews: Roland FC - Audiofanzine

It does [supposedly][ show CPU use on the Axe when connected, but [again] it's a ballpark value and does not match that of the Axe. I re-read the roland fc 200 topics on the FC manual.

Did you tried many other models before buying it? Roland fc 200, this is my first pedalboard tate twelve o'clock I had to change to a smaller and without expression pedal On occasion it is quite hard but found the price is right considering the price of a nine CF !


With experience, you do again this choice? Yes and no hard to say I do not use the expression pedal is zero in my opinion she does not return exactly the same position and it is unusable with roland fc 200 whammy for example on the other hand is very solid and reliable for changing preset Roland fc 200 advice for someone who does not seek a pedalboard with a very precise expression pedal It's a MIDI controller trs solid.

A question for Roland FC-300 / FC-200 users

There are 10 switch numrots of tintintitn 1 10, 2 others to change bank, and another labeled with CTL. There is also an expression pedal.


A tiny mode button lets you change the mode of the FC Roland fc 200 different controller number is set for each pedal and jack. Setting for Latch Type Pedal Operation: Octave Shift Upper Limit Setting: This makes it possible, for instance, to reproduce identical settings on another FC, or to save the settings on a MIDI sequencer or some roland fc 200 piece of equipment.


The indicator for the Control pedal flashes, and [ Press the Roland fc 200 pedal. Using these terminals to receive data from an external MIDI device makes it possible to switch Program Numbers and change effect settings remotely.

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