Is insomnia taking over your life and dictating your energy levels? Do you want to break free from the vicious cycle of lying awake for hours every night, anxiously. Dr. Gregg D. Jacobs outlines a detailed six week program for improving sleep and eliminating insomnia in Say Good Night to Insomnia. Gregg Jacobs is an insomnia specialist at the Sleep Disorders Center at the UMass Memorial Medical Center and the author of Say Good Night.


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Say goodnight to insomnia: a guide to modern sleep aids - The National

His book Say Goodnight to Insomnia, published in the UK this month, sets out a six-week programme which, he boasts, is the first viable alternative to sleeping pills.

The statistics from trials in the US are impressive: The programme aims to teach relaxation and change your attitude toward sleep.

Nothing aggravates insomnia, Dr Jacobs argues, as much as worrying about it: Jacobs began to formulate his theory on a visit to Sikkim in India, say goodnight to insomnia he saw monks preparing to meditate by wrapping themselves say goodnight to insomnia sheets soaked with icy water.

To his amazement, instead of catching cold, they were able to dry the sheets by raising their body temperature. Jacobs believes that pills can only prevent sleeplessness in the short term; eventually the brain becomes inured to them say goodnight to insomnia the side effects are pernicious.

My Q and A With Insomnia Expert Gregg Jacobs | HuffPost

Patients may think they're sleeping better, but this is largely because the drugs cause memory loss say goodnight to insomnia users simply forget that they've woken in the night.

Related Articles Retirement 'the key to a good night's sleep' 03 Nov The first week of Jacobs's programme is devoted to replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. That information, however, needs to be delivered with a little zest and color when aimed at a general audience.


All criticism aside, I am impressed with say goodnight to insomnia structure and guidance provided by the author. Because few people have access to CBT-I, my more recent efforts have focused on making CBT-I widely available in an inexpensive, practical format through my website, cbtforinsomnia.

How to beat insomnia

Numerous studies have recently demonstrated that internet-based CBT-I can be delivered as effectively as face-to-face CBT-I and is more practical and cost-effective.

You've discussed the history of segmented sleep. Do you believe we have evolved past this pattern, or are our bodies struggling against us when we try to sleep in one chunk of say goodnight to insomnia How does insomnia relate to this?

Research suggests that we may have displayed a polyphasic i.

Prior to that, humans likely say goodnight to insomnia to sleep soon after dusk and awakened at dawn in longer sleep periods that consisted of alternating bouts of sleep and wakefulness. This non-continuous sleep pattern is characteristic of virtually all mammals and is also the pattern we experience early and late in say goodnight to insomnia.

It is only in adult life, and the last years of human history, that a more consolidated nocturnal sleep pattern is apparent. However, many adults still experience polyphasic sleep in the form of insomnia, and regular intervals of waking are still experienced in normal sleepers today, as evidenced by six to 12 brief awakenings per night which most of us don't recall, for they are too short.

Say Good Night to Insomnia – Book Review – INFINITE NORTH

Evidently, this polyphasic sleep pattern lies dormant in our physiology, met an evolutionary need, and therefore may be adaptive rather than a sleep disorder. You get sleepy in the afternoon, period.

A slight drop in body temperature say goodnight to insomnia the early afternoon is a well-established part of this temperature cycle. It occurs whether or not you ate lunch, whether or not you slept well the night before I feel so validated in my love of an early afternoon nap.

As long as you limit it to 30 minutes or so, it's not only not going to disrupt your sleep, it's say goodnight to insomnia what nature intended. The author praises exercise is expressed in such a clear, concise criticism of most of what is wrong with our society that I'm just going to quote it directly:

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