Discover all the products from SCHMALENBERGER GmbH + Co. KG and see a list of wastewater pump / electric / self-priming / centrifugal SM · wastewater. In the Netherlands, Schmalenberger is the largest supplier of pumps, specially developed for the swimming pool industry (Sswimming pools and wellness). program will assemble your individ- ual Schmalenberger pump. Product development. Research and new materials. Pump housing optimised for installation.


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For example a counter schmalenberger pump unit with a hydro-massage system or schmalenberger pump counter current unit with a water curtain. The wide area output flow creates a uniform counter current around the entire body, just like a wave in the ocean.

The control is done through touch sensitive buttons, which react to the slightest contacts.

The adjustable water flow is controlled through pump systems schmalenberger pump energy saving frequency converters. These include in particular sophisticated conveying tasks, aggressive and abrasive media, extreme installation situations or above-average durability.

Schmalenberger - Products Overview

Always up to schmalenberger pump Social Media Our media center gives you the perfect overview of all the news from the house of Schmalenberger. Our customers have a sophisticated range of products.


This is why we not only consider schmalenberger pump as purely a product supplier, but a know-how and technology partner supplying decisive impulses for product and cost optimising of your development and production departments.

Products Delivery pump with schmalenberger pump chip crusher type SZcut Milling, drilling, turning - is aluminium your specialised area?

Cutter pumps

Our tank installation and dry installation pump ranges schmalenberger pump users with a comprehensive selection of lifting and delivery pumps. In addition to close-coupled and cantilever designs, the manufacturing and supply programme encompasses single-stage and multi-stage pumps.

Our customers have a sophisticated range of products. Schmalenberger supplies innovative schmalenberger pump equipment for use in a wide range of mechanical engineering as well as for process and environmental engineering applications.

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