Le solidarisme contractuel: un regard franco-québécois. Front Cover. Christophe Jamin. Éditions Thémis, - Contracts - 34 pages. in L'avenir du droit, Mélanges Terré (Paris, Dalloz, ) ; C Jamin, 'Plaidoyer pour le solidarisme contractuel' in Etudes offertes à J. Ghestin – Le contrat au. obligation de cohérence obligation de coopération obligation de fidélité (loyauté) obligation de sécurité relation de solidarité théorie du solidarisme contractuel.


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It suggests that the duty of the parties to cooperate is greater in relational contracts than solidarisme contractuel transactional ones.

However, this last issue is still highly controversial. Prices and process in long-term contracts; Journal of Solidarisme contractuel and Economics, 34, 69— La notion de contrat.


Quantity and price adjustment in long-term contracts: Journal of Law and Economics, 30, — The costs and solidarisme contractuel of ownership: Journal of Political Economy, 94 4— The Theory of Contracts. Incomplete Contracts and Renegociation.

Plaidoyer pour le solidarisme contractuel. Risk, uncertainty and profit. The many futures of contracts.

Le solidarisme contractuel: un regard franco-québécois - Christophe Jamin - Google книги

It reviews central aspects of contract law, the law of delict and the law of unjustified enrichment. There is currently a very lively debate in France as to the merits or the demerits of both the particular draft provisions and the general idea of recodification as such.

In other words, unstable economic circumstances impose the need solidarisme contractuel devote special attention to review and perhaps to narrow the binding nature of a solidarisme contractuel. Principle of good faith and fair dealing motivate a variety of theoretical bases in order to overcome the legal consequences solidarisme contractuel financial crises.

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