Book Review: Stranded by Emily Barr. It was meant to be a trip to Paradise Bruised from the breakdown of her marriage, Esther Lomax needs. Stranded has ratings and reviews. What if someone wants you to stay missing? The unmissable new novel from the queen of psychological. Stranded by Emily Barr, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.


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Stranded by Emily Barr - book review

She leaves her daughter Daisy at home and she is the sole reason that she wants to return in one piece; she wants to be able to prove to Daisy that she can be the mother that she deserves.

A day trip to a deserted island turns into Esther's worst stranded emily barr when the guide does not return to pick up her and the other travellers. Not that night, not the next day, not the next week.

She is stranded on the island with six other holidaymakers including a pair of American honeymooners; a bickering Australian couple; single traveller Katy and backpacker Ed. It's not hard to guess from the backstory who the present stranded emily barr 'Cathy' must be, or what the horrible truth is likely to be.


One could argue that going to the extreme lengths of isolating someone on an island, together with several other people, unrelated to the main plot, to exact some kind of revenge back home in stranded emily barr UK without stranded emily barr, is perhaps a bit over the top.

There are some slightly over lengthy descriptions of life for the stranded tourists on an isolated island, where they nearly die of thirst before eventually finding fresh water and they struggle to find food.

The rapidly unfolding events after the rescue, when Esther returns to the UK are somewhat more interesting stranded emily barr I'm not sure why the ending has to be so dramatic. A very clever plot line.

Try this book - you will not be disappointed. It was only towards the end that the book suddenly turned into a thriller, and by then my head wasn't really in 'thriller' mode stranded emily barr it was unsettling for these characters to suddenly be in a different sort stranded emily barr book!

I also wasn't entirely convinced by the ending. It seemed a little too far-fetched for my liking.

Emily Barr's writing style still carried me through, and I did enjoy reading the book, but by the end I did have an 'oh really?

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