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In Jakarta, the writer wants to thank Prof. Latif Faqih and Mr. Marzani Anwar and his wife, Prof. Sayuti for the information in the preparation of conducting research in Cairo Dr.

Mahrus Amin, Anwar Mr. Hantoni Hasan, Mr. In Macassar where the writer conducted his research, his thankfulness goes to Prof. He prefers burning in hellfire than making equals to Him. He had to teach vice so that virtue could become recognizable.

Pharaoh continued his denial of Truth and was tawasin kitab kematian to death.


A descendent of the great saint and founder of the Qadiri dervish order. He produced more than twenty books of which Universal man al-Insan kamil is the most celebrated.


His Teaching of Tasawuf The main teaching of al-Jilli is insan kamil. He viewed that insane kamil is nuskhah or copy of God, as he said in hadits: God tawasin kitab kematian qualities, also the Adam has qualities. As he took the example from Adam creation, Adam was create by God as insan kamil because tawasin kitab kematian Adam there was in the names and qualities God.

Because adm as the mirror of God. It is Appropriate with this verse: He said that insane kamil as aflak al-wujud. Universal Man is an exposition of the appearances of Absolute Being as Essence, Names, Qualities and Divinity, and of the corresponding contemplative states in the path of Union.


This is far from being merely a theoretical matter. Tawasin kitab kematian Name and every quality attaches itself to a subjacent reality tawasin kitab kematian, itself, is its essence. As for existence al-wujudit has two degrees; it is the pure Being, in so far as Essence of Creator al-barior the existence attained by nothingness, in so far as the relative essence of creatures.

By 'Essence of God' dhat Allah - exalted may He be!

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One conceives, then, the Essence through every form of idea which flows logically from one of the meanings which It implies; I mean that every Quality which results from one of Tawasin kitab kematian attributes really belongs to Tawasin kitab kematian it is to the Essence - to its Being - that every Name implying an idea of perfection kamal is connected; now, the sum of the perfections includes infinity and therefore the impossibility to embrace It by intelligence, from which there results, on the one hand, that It is unknowable, and on the other that even that may tawasin kitab kematian known, since it is impossible to be ignorant of it.

Or is Thy Face too sublime for Thy Nature to be grasped? I understand then that His Essence cannot be understood. Know that the Essence of God The Supreme is the mystery ghayb of the Unity al-ahadiyah which every symbol expresses in a certain respect, without it being able to express It under many other respects.

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One conceives It then not by some rational idea, any more than one understands It by some conventional allusion isharah ; for one understands a thing only by virtue of a relation, which assigns to it a position, or by a negation, hence by its contrary; but, there is not, in all existence, a single relation which 'situates' the Essence, tawasin kitab kematian a single assignation which applies to It, consequently nothing that can deny It and nothing which is contrary to It.

It is, for language, as if It did not exist, and in this respect It refuses human understanding. He who speaks becomes dumb before the Divine Essence, and he tawasin kitab kematian is agitated becomes immobile; he who sees is dazzled.

It is too noble to be conceived by the intelligences Selamat ulangtahun ke, Omme Sufi. Brill Publishers, Lieden, Netherlands,

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